[IC] ePBT Royal Alpha

Decided to start up an IC thread over here now that I’m working on reviving it. Finally built up the motivation to contact Wei from KBDFans last night and in about ten minutes of talking to him I’m now waiting to hear back on quotes, so much more progress than contacting ePBT directly.

Here’s the current proposed kits:

Base Kit - needs the LOCK sublegend on 1u Ctrl changed to Lock

Intl Kit - not sure if a child kit will be allowed first go-round but I gave it to Wei for quoting anyhow

Let me know if you see any changes that should be made or anything that sticks out as seeming not right. There are a few sublegend differences with the base kit from “traditional” Royal Alpha that have been made in interest of consistency, aligning closer with the ANSI Eng-Intl layout, and possible fitment with more than just basic ANSI layouts. Hoping to hear back on a quote fairly quickly and work on getting this on the roll.


R3 FN, why?

also, if its enjoy, make 2x each profile as blanks, iirc that was super cheap. as in R1,2,3,4,4 times 2, 10 keys as blanks, that way people can fill up preonics/plancks/function clusters like the VEA etc.

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Some people put that in the traditional Caps Lock position. There are a couple of R4 FN keys in the proposed kit, too, if you were worried about that.

Amazing! Was there since the GH post.

It covers people using some odd layouts that need 1.5u and 1.25u R3 keys. And I’ll look into the blanks.

If it’s the case as you said, 1.75 Fn should be included. Some 40 layout use 1.25 Fn but if that’s the case R2 esc should be included too.

Oh, huh. I thought there was a 1.75u FN. Nevermind then :stuck_out_tongue:

Some good news, I’ve already heard back from Wei about the MOQ and pricing of the kits. MOQ for both Base and Intl kit will be 100 units each. Pricing I’m not going to say quite yet since it’s subject to change if any modifications are made to the kit contents, but I will say that the original numbers I gave for the set back in the GH thread when it wasn’t ePBT yet are closer than I would have expected them to be, so that’s good news. I’ll be looking at feedback from this and the GH thread while I’m waiting for samples and see what needs to be adjusted before moving on. I’m excited that this is finally moving off the ground now that I finally went to Wei about it, Wei for MVP.

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Great news! But I think the international kit won’t reach MOQ :(:confused:

Nice looks great!

international kits have done really well so far on ePBT sets (lower MOQ and not insane pricing helps compared to GMK) @ODIN

It did in BoW and a few other recent sets - MOQ was only 15 I believe, and there are far more PBT buyers than GMK or SA. I suspect we will be fine.

Also, @donutcat my fave GMK set is RA so I’ll def be jumping on this - good work

Currently waiting for mockups back from ePBT/KBDFans. Once those are in hand it shouldn’t take much to move forward. Production time is estimated at two months, so maybe we could see these sets before the end of the year if all goes well.

First mockups for now. Looking pretty good aside from a couple tweaks. Word currently is that they’ll have to do a bit of work on some sublegend designs before they can move forward on the set.


This is looking really good.

Little bit more mockup, this time with intl kit!

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Looking nice

This is looking really sexy. Love the sublegends.

Hey @donutcat did you discuss possible reverse dyesub to add some of the colored mods?

I actually think I’ll be selling my GMK RA set once this becomes a reality.

At this time ePBT doesn’t seem willing to look into it for this set, particularly where they’re already having to put some work into some of the sublegends and for them I’m an unknown vendor. Maybe in the future they’d look into it, but for now it doesn’t seem like a possibility through them at least.

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