[IC] ePBT Royal Alpha



Hmmm, but you did talk to Wei about it right? Didn’t he know the wei to EPBT to make it happen?


Hey @donutcat I asked the same question on Geekhack but didn’t get a response so I’m guessing the answer might be “not interested” but any thoughts on doing some green blank keys or even a green spacebar option?


I had thought about it, but there would be a pretty noticeable impact on price. Similar to GMK there’s a jump in price that happens when you add a different color of plastic to the set. Right now the price is quite good because we’re only dealing with a single cap color, but even adding just a couple keys in a different color would create a disproportionate increase in the price. I was thinking about a small kit from GMK that could have the dark green keys like what was in the RAR2 base kit, but I’m not sure what people’s thoughts on that would be, particularly the mixing of GMK and ePBT.


I prefer the set as it is right now


Having a 40% kit would be very nice too. Like a jd40 or Planck kit.


looking good !


Same, love the sublegends :slight_smile:


Small update, a sample is currently in production and they expect it finished next week.


Small update, I’m now working with gok to make sure the legends for this set are going to be spot on. This may increase the time until production, but I think perfecting the legends is well worth it.


It is! Take your time


I got a video from ePBT showing off the sample the made up for me. It looks good in the video but I’m waiting until I see it in person to give a conclusive evaluation. I’d show the video but at the moment I don’t know somewhere quick/easy to upload it to.





I hope the GB for those sets are spaced out a bit, lol. I must consume all that is ePBT (and somehow fork over the dough for GMK Carbon R2).


I hear ya


This is a great way to show off sets. You can see how the colors change with different lighting as they move around. Looks fantastic.


I want this so hard


Samples in today and got some first pics. There are a few inconsistency issues that Gok and I were aware of beforehand and already working on, but overall the quality of the subbing is on point. In the next couple days I’ll put some of these on my board with my GMK set and get some close up pics comparing them. I’m already super hyped about it just from this sample though and can’t wait until Gok has the legends setup and we’re ready to go with this.


:+1: :blush:


They look sharp. Thanks for the update.