[IC] ePBT Royal Alpha

Got a comparison pic today while the lighting in my room was acceptable

Please forgive the GMK caps looking a little dirty, I used RA to experiment with clear-coating caps to keep the texture/pad printing and one of the side effects was that they get dirty super easily.

Things that I can see right now that I’d like to adjust/change:

Sublegend green is a little darker than with GMK
The ¡ on 1 looks more like an i
@ looks a bit thin
5 is missing the €
I’d like the ¼ and ½ to be a little shorter/match the main legends in height
Q is a bit thicc
® I’d like a little closer to GMK’s
Maybe make § a bit thicker, not sure
Make G a bit thicker
Æ looks a bit cramped and the A portion is taller than the E portion
© I’d like to look more like GMK’s
Bottom row legends need to be more consistent with one another
Overall touchups to consistency across all legends

This is all stuff I’ve talked to Gok about so far, so we’re already in the process of fixing everything I’ve made a note of. Let me know if you see anything here that I haven’t addressed that you think should be looked at.


Just wondering how dyesubbing works. If you make the changes to the base letters for this set, would they be able to use those changes in other sets down the road?

Afaik they should be able to use the same file for the legends, which I actually already have plans for utilizing RA’s legends with some other set designs after it’s run, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh hell yeah

Sample looks nice! Is it possible to add Colevrak kit?

Any updates :grin:?

Nothing currently, waiting on legend adjustments to be finished before moving forward with anything else.


Glad to hear this is still moving at least!

Oh hell yeah. You have my interest.

Look sharp

Really looking forward to this. Any updates?

Nothing much, gok reached out about some of the mod updates from his samples of Kuro/Shiro which I’ve given the go on since they’re much more consistent than previous iterations. Really glad to be working with gok on this since I think the set will end up the best it can be as a result.


gok’s Kuro/Shiro has reversed dyesub accent keys (Esc, Enter, Arrow), would you consider adding these keys as well? :thinking:

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Yeah, that’s something we’re discussing as well once he gets samples of those that he can work with.

Hey @donutcat just curious if you’ve seen this set from KPRepublic.

It’s difficult to tell what the quality is like from the photos but it looks like they somehow managed to pull off the reverse dysub modifier keys.

I’ve heard of it. It’s not ePBT and from what I’ve heard the quality can vary.

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Really want this set. Can’t wait for the GB to start…

I’ve heard the same about all the KPrepublic PBT dye-sub sets I’ve looked at also. Plus from what I have seen of people posting the sets even at it’s best whoever they use for dye-subbing is not as good as ePBT. Usually though KPrepublic sets run around the $50 to $70 price point, at which I can forgive some imperfections. Although at the near $100 price of the KP Irish set I’ll gladly wait for your ePBT Royal Alpha set.


I picked up a set just to check it out. I have some GMK Royal Alphas for a comparison. When I get them I’ll take some comparison photos.

Regardless I’m still in for this GB. There’s no doubt ePBT will do a better job. I’ve purchased several of their sets recently and they’re really upping their QC.

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Will pick up one when the GB starts. Love this set.

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