[IC] ePBT Royal Alpha



Minor Necro-ing, but this set looks fantastic. Just wish that EPBT had 1.25u r3/home row keys.


So I got a set of these in just to check them out. They’re basically crap.


What happened? What’s crap about them?


Sorry should have been more specific.

The dye sub is very inconsistent, lots of crooked legends, blurry, and the reverse dye subs have sides that are lighter than the tops. Also the texture is very rough like sandpaper whereas ePBT texture is much smoother.


Thanks for telling us. I’ve been looking at kprepublic sets for awhile, but there isn’t much info on the quality of them. Glad I found this before buying some.


Any updates?


@donutcat I’ve noticed that ePBT have had issues with warped PBT spacebars lately, and I think it has to do with the molds they’re using.

On the underside of the PBT spacebars I own that are straight, they have extensive underside ribbing to prevent the plastic from warping. The ePBT ones have similar ribbing, but it’s divided into small segments and I don’t think this is nearly as effective.

I noticed that KBD Fans mentioned that they were going to work on a new mold to deal with this issue on the bottom of this page: https://kbdfans.cn/collections/cherry-profile/products/gbenjoypbt-grayscale-keycaps-set

They say they will “make a special mold to correct it”. Might be something to ask about before going into production.


I thought that the new warping issue to sets run through kbdfans recently was due to them being white (or near white) which is a new color/composition for Gateron (assuming their factory is still making the blanks for ePBT). Apparently different colors need different cooling configurations to keep them from warping and from what I gathered, the white plastic was cooling too quickly. I would bet that the new molds have to do with cooling rather than any structural differences in the keycaps.