[IC] ePBT Royal Alpha

I’ll just leave this here. Also, I’m getting the splitting up of the kit and the issue of MOQ for the Intl kit taken care of as well. Hoping we might finally have this ready to get going here shortly.


The reverse ones look pretty good!

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Great to see more updates. Keep 'em coming.

Back in touch with Wei, confirmed that the little spacebars will be convex. Just making sure that the small typo with the Intl kit 9 key is fixed up and then we’re basically ready for business.


I’m really looking forward to this

Because I apparently never posted this mockup here?


Thanks for including the 6u spacebar :slight_smile:

The kit looks awesome.
Looking forward to the GB.

So here is the state of things: Nothing right now is really going like anyone planned and everything’s a giant kerfuffle. I’ve been offered the chance to skip the GB process entirely and have this set go straight to “in stock” via KBDFans.

I think this is probably the right choice considering a GB process at this time is just more stress to deal with on either side, not to mention the insecurity of having money tied up until production is done. This way the wait time before you can order is longer, but it should be days instead of months between ordering and receiving a set. Plus, it makes it much more accessible to those who would otherwise be rushed and inconvenienced by the timeline of a GB.

Let me know your thoughts, but barring any difficulties this is how things will proceed.


Sounds good to me. Thanks for keeping us in the loop

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Definitely a big thanks on the update! Been keeping an eye on this one since you started the thread. I think letting it go straight to in stock is a pretty good ideal as long as you won’t take a L by doing that. I’d love to see it available sooner than later but would rather wait on you getting it out there given the work you already put in if that would be the case.

I’m totally good either way and honestly I’d probably go that route too if I were trying to make this happen. I’ve heard Enjoy PBT can be difficult to run group buys through because of lack of communication and I think KBDFans already has a good relationship there. I’m just happy this is still moving forward!

I would be all for an instock approach but KBD Fans doesn’t ship to a lot of countries atm. Depending on the timeframe, it could be a real bummer for a lot of us.

In case you hadn’t noticed, this is a thing https://kbdfans.com/collections/keycaps/products/epbt-x-donutcat-royal-alpha-keycaps-set

Right now plan is for the sets to be ready by the end of May/early June.


Soon™(no really, stuff is in the last stage of production)

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any update on this? i am very excited for this set =) Thanks for the great work :muscle:

Last I heard from Wei on the 22nd the sets are made and waiting to ship to KBDFans.

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You could even say they are on their Wei.

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I see what you did there.

No Wei. I’m sorry for being a royal pain.

Sorry, I had to. I’ll take you out with this:

When does a bad joke become a dad joke?
When the punchline becomes apparent.

Took a bit, but sets are finally available at https://kbdfans.com/collections/keycaps/products/epbt-x-donutcat-royal-alpha-keycaps-set