Dorp spring cleaning sale '23

Drop is having another random-coupon promo sale this week, starting today (3/21/23)

There are a handful of potential coupons like BOGOs, free stuff, discounts. A nice mixture of meh, maybe, and marvelous - you might get a few bucks off of some headphones, a keycap BOGO, or maybe a free keyboard.

For example: today I got a BOGO coupon for in-stock DCX caps.

If it’s anything like the last promo, the coupons are tied to an individual user and only good the day you “reveal” them - so if you think it’s a good one, go ahead and use it!


30% off MT3. Meh. Re-roll tomorrow!


BOGO for DCX as well.


I got BOGO MT3.


I checked with the BOGO, it includes child kits. So you can get a base kit and apply the coupon to a free child kit. Not that it’s a good deal at all, but it works.

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What’s a BOGO?

Buy One Get One (free)

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lol. thanks. Same as 1+1.

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Big discount on some of the Infinity War MT3 sets at the moment: $45 (from $130) - wonder if the coupons include those… turns out no

Read this before ordering your first MT3 set. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I also received the MT3 BOGO and it seems like biip MT3 Operator and the heavily discounted MT3 Infinity War sets aren’t included:

but it does work for the (less heavily) discounted dev/tty sets:

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Huh, I got SA BOGO. I don’t like SA or any of the sets they have, but I’m kinda surprised they have so many.

I haven’t looked at drop in a long time, seems like they’ve really expanded in the past few years.


Got $150 off of one of these today:

If anyone was planning to buy one of these, we could work it out :slight_smile:


Didn’t expect this one, but managed to snag a free set of MT3 with the MT3FREEBIE code!


Hah, got a free Stack Overflow Ctrl+C/V macropad today with the FREEKEY code.