Drop's now selling Invyr Pandas

Well I guess it was only a matter of time till Drop figured out they could make a lot more money selling Pandas in their OG form with the option to buy a batch of Halo Trues along with them. Kinda shady since they already sold standalone Holy Pandas IMO, but hey it’s a free market I guess. :thinking:

Drop Invyr Pandas

I hope they’ll offer a halo stem add-on too. They can charge more than they should for the halo stem(as long as it’s cheaper than the whole halo switch). I don’t know how switches are made so not sure if it’ll affect the manufacturing cost.

Edit: they should’ve started with this offer than the previous Holy Panda drop(with issues). But at least, they’re listening - offering the switches separately.

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Aren’t the MD Pandas known for failing? Would buying a set of the new molds and a set of Halo True stems and just making them yourselves be better?

No, these will be the same housings, leaves, & springs as the previously ran Drop HPs. The same molds used to make the HPs were used to make these sans the stem, so the same problems will exist.

Really the problem of switches flat out failing (not physically breaking in any way) is all because of the horrible factory lube job IME. I have Drop HPs in two boards right now & I made sure to clean all the factory lube off & properly lube them before installation. The only failures I have experienced were a couple top housings breaking on me because of them fitting really tight in my E6.5’s plate, so I have to put that down to people using them stock. The stock lube job is really ergerious IME, some have way, way too much & those are probably the ones that are cutting out if I had to guess.

at least they are transparent about it.

factory-lubed linear stems

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Oof, clean up that ref link, ya’ll.

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I’m actually not sure why it’s not converting it into the preview, I used the link option to add it?

Edit: Fixed it by adding a title, still no preview but better than the wall of text.

Drop is just plain AF shady. Geekhack was down a few days ago, and now the original GB of invr pandas is gone.

Meanwhile Spencer from Drop is claiming the original were factory lubed, and so even the new ones would be factory lubed. https://drop.com/buy/invyr-panda-mechanical-switches/talk/2531078?utm_source=linkshare&referer=VYSEN4

Can anyone confirm? Seems just plain shady to remove the OG GB though. Unless I’m wrong, then I’m sorry

Edit: the OG were also factory lubed, as per https://topclack.com/textclack/2018/12/19/holy-panda-switches-new-and-old-by-quakemz, also I’m an idiot, I got the spelling wrong, so it didn’t show up in Geekhack search and google search. it’s still there


Nope. Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent.


It’s still on GH, here.

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when will we be free of this nightmare world


god i just. drop why. it makes me so fucking mad that the only store with enough reliable capital to pull off crazy shit like DCS Yuri also will absolutely murder their own switches like this and blame the factory instead of you know… attempting to rectify the well-known, often complained-about issue that plagues them.

at this rate we’re gonna get Drop X Durock M1s

Oh nice. So, instead of providing what the community wanted, they did their thing again by providing excessively lubed bad switches. Why are they even selling stock pandas? They are bad linears at best.

Also, it’s still cheaper to buy 110 Halos and 110 YOK Pandas for me than it is to buy the 110 Invyr + 110 Halos pack.

This is a fucking joke.

Tbh I’m not sure why people are still so into the holy pandas. iirc zeal V2s end up at around the same price and are a better switch imo and also don’t come from massdrop.

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I have Zealios V2, and I love the feel, but IMHO they sound bad. Preference I guess

I feel ya. Love that zeal stem + leaf, don’t love the housing material.

Mainly because of acoustics I guess.

To everyone wanting to try something a bit different, throw halo stems in a zeal v2 housing. I was quite surprised by them.

Interesting note here: while the OG Pandas were intended to be POM, they switched to nylon during production. So, if Drop is going to run these in POM, this doesn’t really match OG Pandas so much as it matches the vision for them. And it doesn’t match the previously-made Drop Holy Panda housing material, either, if their description is to be believed.