Dyeing double shot keycaps and stabilizers

So, I decided to risk it…

I’m going to dye double shot keycaps, or at least try it, together with some stabilizers.

I thought about it many times, but never dared. Until now :wink:

PBT double shot keycaps from a Ducky Tuxedo, and some Durock V2 stabilizers.

While I’m waiting…

EDIT 1: The stabilizers seem to dye incredibly well. :+1:



:rofl: :crazy_face:


Ahh the fabled glass strainer! Very nice, I’m excited to see the double shot results.

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That worked pretty well:

The white-on-dark-grey mods went into the dyeing solution later than the alphas.

The end result is surprisingly good.

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I wonder if this would decrease the gap with the wire/housing rattle :thinking:

Interesting question, but I doubt it.
The stabilizers are made of nylon, and nylon can take a lot of heat before it warps or even shrinks.

But I’ll let you know.

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