Dynamat, Noico, or other Butyl based sound deadener for case lining?

I’m thinking about adding Noico 80 to the insides of my Tex Shinobi’s, where there are avaliable voids in the injection molded housing, to add some heft and to hopefully make it sound less hollow, when tapped.

Does anyone have any experiences with this type of mod and if so, do you have any recommendations?

Products in question:
Noico 80
Dynamat Xtreme

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I have put Dynamat in a Novatouch.
Its malleability helps when you have a case with a lot of bumps.
Watch out for the cover because it is metallic and can cause shorts if it touches the pcb. I have put electric tape on it.
You could remove both sides of the cover, but in this case it can stick to the pcb when closing the case.

The result is one of the thockiest keyboards I had the pleasure to type on.

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Joking… This is my first youtube video and somehow I fell proud about it :))


Was a roller needed for applying the Dynamat?

It has the consistency of play-doh.
No special equipment needed. Just your fingers.

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Thanks, the reviews kept mentioning needing a roller for car applications, so figured I’d ask. :slight_smile: