Noico 80 vs no Noico 80 (Butyl Sound Deadening)

I decided to take the plunge and add some Noico 80 to one of my cases. I’m going to do the other one next one, in a little bit. To my ears, it definitely improved the sound characteristics of the case it’s self and it added about 150-170 grams, giving it a little more heft. I also added it under the space bar. I might do the same to the modifiers…

7lb of Noico 80:

Top Plate:

Bottom Plate (Kapton tape over the Noico 80, to prevent shoting.):

Case sound test:

Pseudo Typing test:

Space bar: Noico 80 vs no Noico 80:

Original post: Dynamat, Noico, or other Butyl based sound deadener for case lining?