E-White coating inquiries

Hello! I was just wondering about how e-white finish is done on keyboards. I’ve heard that when exposed to the sun, e-white finishes yellow due to the exposure to uv. Was wondering if this is also the case for keyboards with this finish? (ie rama, kbdfans). Thanks in advance!

You can look up the process itself to understand it better (its full name is “electrophoretic deposition”), but the rough outline of how it works is that the parts to be coated are put in a bath with the coating material and then electricity is used to attract and bond the coating material to the parts; it’s very similar to cerakoting/powder-coating but with a more anodization-like process (instead of a spraying process).

I’d imagine that any UV exposure changes to e-coated parts would be more related to the specific pigments/dyes/paints in the coating materials than the process itself (you’d likely get the same results from a similar coating applied via powder-coating).


There is a fascinating video I found on this topic

White E-Coat
PPG Aerospace Electrocoat Process: