Easing Into Linears

Black Lotus and Blue Sky

Found some keeb time t lube and use Durock Black Lotus linear and Aflion Blue Sky switches. Both sounded and felt in use as expected. While both sounded different in test settings, they sounded very similar in-use although, if pushed, I’d say Black Lotus sounded more playful while Blue Sky sounded more solid. Both were very smooth.

But I think Aflion Blue Sky has consistency issue. Aside from contact leaf issue and fix I posted about before, a handful of switches sounded mushy. I disassembled and reassembled several times to find the cause to no avail. Since I can’t pinpoint the cause, I can’t say with certainty but I can recommend Black Lotus over Blue Sky.


Still in tip-toeing stage. Coated the stem and bottom housing of a New Nixie twice so far. No significant change in smoothness yet. What I did notice is that RO-59 seems to lower the pitch of switch sound. After two coat, it’s noticeably lower in pitch although it’s hard to say if the difference will remain after lubing 205g0 on top of RO-59.

WS Lube Station

I normally just lube switches on my workbench with parts all over the place but got the half-sized lube station for RO-59. I found it surprisingly more useful than I expected. Somehow, lubing time no longer feels long and boring. I didn’t track time so hard to say if it actually helped me lube faster but it felt faster at least.

My only complaint is that bottom of the part where stems is too thin, making it flappy which is not great since parts placed on it could be easily spilled. I tried placing a cardboard backing but failed bc masking tape would not stick to the surface. Going to try again later with a stronger tape.


I have a theory on why it’s happening, I can only guess oil or lube have gotten pooled in the bottom of the pole tube, try cleaning it with paper.

I know they come unlubed but this happened to me with a U4T pack I had a while back despite never lubing or even opening them.


Not all of them but some were indeed mushy bc of excess lube. Thx for the tip!


Forgive me for posting this question here, I didn’t want to create a new topic for this.

Is there a difference between [Hyperglide] Cherry MX Reds and MX Blacks beside the spring?

99% of everything related to Cherry is MX Blacks, every review and sound test, is it purely for the full black color scheme? heavy spring preference? or the MX Blacks are just better for some reason?

I wanted to try Cherry switches and I thought about getting the Reds because I’m fine with the weight, but I’m unsure.

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Is there a difference between [Hyperglide] Cherry MX Reds and MX Blacks beside the spring?

I have not tried Cherry Reds but I think they’re supposedly the same just with different springs although IMO different color and price should matter at least mentally.

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Just wanted to share that I’ve been enjoying the sound of Black Lotus linears in Brutal 60 with FR4 plate a lot lately. Gummy top-mount with more than usual room below PCB makes the switch sound poppy and joyful to type on.

Did you lube them? I really like my lubed ones as well. Very pleasing sound in the case I have them in. I agree, they are poppy. Kinda sounds like popcorn in a kettle\

But I do get the occasional chirp here and there. Haven’t heard back from divinikey on if there is a fixed version coming.

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Yup. I lubed them w/205g0 as usual. Definitely enjoyable poppy sound. Thanks for recommending it. Too bad it takes right case/plate combo to bring out the sound. Sounded just like Blue Sky linears in other cases.

I haven’t noticed any chirps. But then I lube rather thoroughly.

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I’ve used both HG blacks & HG reds, can confirm the only difference is the spring weighting. Swap the springs between two & they feel + sound the same with a different colored stem.


In what seems to be an almost weekly event for me, I was buying more switch storage containers from Kinetic Labs and saw that they had Wuque Studios’ new Morandi linear for sale. I went back and forth for a bit as I have no shortage of white linears in my collection already…

Stiff Competition

I’m sensing a theme here:thinking:

Curiosity got the better of me and I put them in my cart and checked out. When they finally arrived, I felt like I made the right call as they seem to be sold out everywhere…

These are the first Haimu switch I believe I have tried, but the second WS factory lubed switch.
I have tried and recommended WS Aurora switches to several people looking for a switch that is ready to go right out of the box. The Morandi switches continue the legacy…

I decided to pull the AMAZING Durock Black Lotus switches out of my Ikki68 and pop these in. I chose to round things out by using WS Kraken keycaps. (I swear this post isn’t sponsored by Wuque Studios. Honest!!:grin:)

Non-Icky Ikki

Ok, so not everything on here is from WS…

Here’s the details of what makes this switch click from Wuque’s site:

WS Morandi


US$ 0.43 per switch

Switch Type

Top Housing Material

Bottom Housing Material

Stem Material

Light Diffuser Material

18mm/Double stage Spring

Total travel

Bottom-out force
60gf Max

Factory lubed

I have to say, I was not expecting this whole package to come together so nicely. These switches impressed the hell out of me! Springs feel perfectly weighted and not a hint of ping or crunch. Actuation was smooth and snappy. Bottom and top out sound was clacky, but not harsh. Quiet enough for office work, but definitely not the quietest linear I own.

Here some pics I have snapped of one of the disassembled switches that show stem and spring length, and travel. Also, close-ups (or as close as I could get with my iPhone… :person_facepalming:) of the stem, housings, and diffuser. I also tried to show how minimal the stem wobble was with a pic in a neutral position, North/South, and East/West.






Top & Diffuser

Stem Wobble




TL;DR: Great factory lubed linear that I can easily recommend to anyone looking for a no-fuss linear that feels like you are getting your money’s worth. :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Liking all of Morandi’s spec except for its travel distance. Wish I had a jig to shorten long-pole stems consistently.

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Tried RO-59. Here are my results after 3 coats.

TL;DR - It does make noticeable difference in smoothness (smoother) and sound (lower pitch). Adds an attractive mesmerizing sheen to surface. No issue when a layer of 205g0 is added on top.

New Nixies

Housing and stem coated with RO-59 then lubed w/205g0 is smoother in feel, cleaner and lower-pitched in sound than my other set just lubed with 205g0.

Kailh Black v2 long-pole stems

In New Nixies from above - I wanted to improve on New Nixies sound so I’m in midst of coating the stems. Tried a set of 10 New Nixies from above with these stems. Minor ignorable loss in travel distance. It did do what I wanted sound wise but there is a bit of squeeze at the bottom that doesn’t feel satisfying. Going to need a pencil sharpener like jig to fix this.

OG NK Cream - No loss in travel distance. More solid lower-pitched sound. Noticeably smoother. Promising enough to try a full set in-use. Can’t argue with smoother Cream.

Black Lotus - No loss in travel distance. Solid lower-pitched sound. Oddly less poppy but still good. No change in smoothness so I think RO-59 can improve less smooth switches as smooth as JWK boutique switches. Good enough to try a full set in-use but I like Black Lotus as-is too much to do that.

I have a few more long-pole switches switches without loss in travel distance to try with later. Only real blocker is whether inside bottom of the stem hole is tapered or not which leads to that unpleasant squeezing feel.


While I found RO-59 useful, there are three issues:

  • LABOR - its very tedious to apply it using a brush, not just once but 3 times at least. Bag lubing or dipping would be easier but it’s not clear if the result would be as good as brushing.
  • COST - Even at a discount, it’s a bit costly to do bag lube or dipping.
  • NEED - Most new switches don’t need further smoothing. I’m not even sure RO-59 will help.

Ideal switches to use RO-59 on IMO are stock classic switches: ALPS, Vintage Cherry Black, Nixes, and New Nixies.


@ThereminGoat’s review of them is here: