Electronics starter kit

Hey, I recently came across this list of recommended tools for a starter kit for building electronics and wanted to know what you guys think:

Hmm. I’d say it depends how serious you are. Some of this stuff isn’t going to last very long before you outgrow it. Honestly this list reeks of “I found whatever I could get my referral code onto and made a list”.


For just soldering keyboards, it’s more than you need really need. Soldering iron, solder, solder tip cleaner, and a desoldering pump will get the job done.


For starting off, I think going through @notG10’s starter guide is a really good start. He lists a few recommendable tools, and if you read along the comments there are a plethora of other great suggestions. Going through that and picking and choosing what would work best for your needs would be ideal. :+1:



I didnt even think of that. good point!