Experience with Kono store Support?

Interested in others’ experience dealing with KONO.store support. For those that have contacted them for issues other than the typical cancellations and such, how has the service been? Have you even been able to get through?

From a few posts I’ve read on reddit and some comments on discord, seems like the consensus is that their service ranges from super slow to extremely bad/nonexistent. Wonder if this true for most ppl?

I contacted them due to a base set I received from them missing a 1.75u shift key and they asked me to provide a picture. I sent them a clear picture of the just-unboxed base set and about a month later, no response at all. All my subsequent emails have just gone unanswered.

Going onto their discord hasn’t yielded any better results… Guess I should count myself lucky that I wasn’t missing a number key or arrow key…

Yikes, sorry dude. I had heard the horror stories as well and when I got a shipping notification recently for LBB with the wrong address I was pretty unsure whether it’d get fixed or not. What I did was message every employee I could find on their discord with the same message, sending something similar to the support email.

I guess I was lucky because someone got back to me a day later via discord. Let us know how this plays out for you.

My experience with Kono was awful. I bought a BBOX60 during the KAT Cyberspace GB and it never shipped. I kept emailing and they would reply saying the same stuff about them contacting the warehouse until I eventually just did a chargeback because Kono wouldn’t either ship the BBOX60 or let me know anything solid after weeks of emails.

It’s been non existent for me. Pre-ordered a keyboard that never shipped, they never answered anything.

ugh this all sucks to hear, gives me little hope for my case.
cant even chargeback my card since the GB was charged so long ago…