Experience with Kono store Support?

Interested in others’ experience dealing with KONO.store support. For those that have contacted them for issues other than the typical cancellations and such, how has the service been? Have you even been able to get through?

From a few posts I’ve read on reddit and some comments on discord, seems like the consensus is that their service ranges from super slow to extremely bad/nonexistent. Wonder if this true for most ppl?

I contacted them due to a base set I received from them missing a 1.75u shift key and they asked me to provide a picture. I sent them a clear picture of the just-unboxed base set and about a month later, no response at all. All my subsequent emails have just gone unanswered.

Going onto their discord hasn’t yielded any better results… Guess I should count myself lucky that I wasn’t missing a number key or arrow key…

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Yikes, sorry dude. I had heard the horror stories as well and when I got a shipping notification recently for LBB with the wrong address I was pretty unsure whether it’d get fixed or not. What I did was message every employee I could find on their discord with the same message, sending something similar to the support email.

I guess I was lucky because someone got back to me a day later via discord. Let us know how this plays out for you.

My experience with Kono was awful. I bought a BBOX60 during the KAT Cyberspace GB and it never shipped. I kept emailing and they would reply saying the same stuff about them contacting the warehouse until I eventually just did a chargeback because Kono wouldn’t either ship the BBOX60 or let me know anything solid after weeks of emails.

It’s been non existent for me. Pre-ordered a keyboard that never shipped, they never answered anything.

ugh this all sucks to hear, gives me little hope for my case.
cant even chargeback my card since the GB was charged so long ago…

I guess add one more anecdote to the pile of undelivered products with unanswered support requests. :confused:

I ordered a book and a metal artisan, the latter of which was a pre-order. It’s since been offered for in-stock sale. I sent them an email with the order number and just asked for a status update (as one for this product is not on their “updates” page) - two solid weeks later, no response whatsoever.

Pretty disappointing, but I guess I can’t be too surprised at this point. Makes me wonder if there’s any sort of recourse here.

Their customer service is no bueno. I received my GB KAT Cyberspace kits on March 24th of this year, and noticed that I was missing a few caps (let alone several legending issues which isn’t their direct fault). I submitted a ticket hoping for quick resolution. Instead, after a long wait and several additional messages that I wrote within ticket system, I finally got a response from a real person on May 9th. They said that they would contact the manufacturer and send me the missing keycaps when they shipped them to Kono (not from, you know, their pile of extras which are already broken down into smaller kits by the nature of KAT GB’s). I’ll let you Hazzard a guess if I ever received those keycaps or further word on the subject from customer support.

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Well. My step one was emailing their support address 15 days ago. Second step today is creating a ticket with their support system - I don’t really expect them to respond, but I’m building a document trail. If necessary, the final step will be issuing a dispute with PayPal ~15 days from now, where I’ll provide copies of both contacts as well as the original receipt.

I’ve only had to file a dispute with PayPal once before, and while I can hardly say it went smoothly, it did eventually settle in my favor, and I did get back every last penny related to the dispute. Ha, I’ll let you guys know what happens this time…

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I emailed Kono again and got a response. They said they went ahead and included my request for a replacement 1.75u Shift key on the list of the replacement keys they’ve requested from the manufacturer. (I guess this happens all the time.)
Apparently there’s a parts queue so understandably it may take some time to process. No other communication, update, or anything since then.
So all I can do now is wait and hope they hold to their word.

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If you haven’t tried it already, you may want to join Kono’s Discord and ask about your order or support tickets there or DM one of the mods directly (if their Discord server rules allow that sort of thing).

While I haven’t had to deal with Kono, I’ve had good luck dealing with a couple other vendors who were terrible at replying via email and official support channels, but very helpful and friendly via Discord.

It’s frustrating for customers to have to jump through hoops like this, but hopefully you’ll get your order corrected and delivered rather than having to resort to a chargeback.

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Tentative update: I did hear back after creating a support ticket through the website.

The rep apologized for the delay and promised the order would ship out in 3-5 days. I got a pair of follow-up automated emails confirming a new order at $0 for the exact same items, and a cancellation of the old order. I won’t bother speculating what that’s about as long as the stuff gets here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: shipping notification just came in - hey, that’s encouraging!


best of luck, glad to hear you got some assistance!
It bodes well that they created a $0 order for you to track this issue’s progress, I wish I got that treatment as well…

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Hey, it looks like trying a few times to get someone’s attention paid off - the missing items made it safely after I got someone to review an unfulfilled order.