Favorite keyboard YouTubers?

Hot on the heels of the Glorious GMMK Pro stream discussion… who are your favorite keyboard YouTubers?

My top picks at the moment would have to be JYMV and TaeKeyboards.

  • JYMV’s presentation is super straightforward and detail-oriented. His reviews demonstrate a thorough understanding of custom keyboard construction, and his takes are witty. Criminally underrated IMHO.

  • TaeKeyboards’ videos have incredibly high production value, and I really appreciate how he takes personalization to the next level with his custom paint jobs / themed builds. He’s also one of the most subscribed among those who exclusively produce keyboard content, but this is well-deserved.


Aside from some obvious favorites like Taeha, RFP, and our own Manofinterests, some others I like to watch:

  • :3ildcat - I learned a lot from him, and I like the look and feel of his videos. They’re shot and edited well, and the absence of spoken words is a nice change of pace compared to what I’d otherwise be watching.

  • BadSeed Tech - Bombastic presentation aside, I really appreciate Brian’s detail-oriented approach and his focus on substantive things that matter. Let’s go!

  • Chyrosran22 - Thomas’s baritone voice and signature style of colorful language bring levels of entertainment I never would have thought possible to the subject matter of retro mechanical keyboards.

  • Toufousoup - Doesn’t have the production quality or organization as some of the others I watch, but he does cover some more niche items and details that I appreciate.

  • HipyoTech - Occupying a space somwhere between TaeKeyboards and Toufou there, this wholesome dude has some nice overviews and some fun “shifty DIY” projects.


Great thread! Everything mentioned already is so right on. Here’s a few …


Imma sound like a boomer for a sec here and say I don’t really watch YouTube, the only keyboard YouTuber I’ve ever really watched is @Manofinterests, his videos are almost always quite good


Hah, and I felt like a boomer for preferring edited YouTube videos over streams!


Outside of channels already mentioned, I think smilindown is pretty good for entertaining, and fairly raw videos.

Putting in an entry for an up-and-coming YouTuber who caught my eye recently


I’m glad someone else finds Walker funny af!!!


Been watching him since that video as well. He just posted a similar video about all the current tactile favorites.

Dude, Shoobs is blowin’ up and it’s awesome because he deserves it. His content strikes an incredible balance between low-key, funny, and genuinely informative - just the flavor this community was looking for, if you ask me.


There’s a few that I really like, but for some reason 2 of these folks don’t make videos anymore:

  • JUJU - I like his ‘how-to-style’ format. Taught me a lot, especially in understanding the basics of the mech world. Not made a video in 6 months though.

  • KeyBonbon - Randomly found this guy when I was looking up ‘Mill-Max sockets’. The channel has super high quality videos, but no upload in 8 months.

  • Glarses - “Comedy”.


  • KeebWorks - Definitely no bias at play here :stuck_out_tongue:


I think KeyBonBon is also the guy behind KineticLabs.

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Whenever I visited my Mom, I couldn’t understand why she would drop everything she was doing when the local news came on just so she could watch the weather report, when it would take her five seconds to look it up on the internet… until I realized I do the same damn thing but with group buys.

I am far too fond of Huey’s finger guns and Mech Merlin’s group buy stream archives are good for leaving on in the background when you’re doing other stuff and only half paying attention.


Some others I’d recommend:

  • Keybored has some useful mods and humor in his videos
  • Austin V doesn’t shy with his opinions, find his POV rather refreshing. A little similar to JYMV in some sense
  • The Dredgen Project covers more on the “budget” side of things, but I appreciate the work he does in giving reviews that are as detailed as possible

DBOKEY - really great boards and sound tests.

I’ve never needed to grind them before, but those particular wires did look a bit rough.


Yup, I was also curious how there are “burrs” on the bars. Even if there were some marks on the wire, I don’t think it would make a huge difference.

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If I had to choose just one keyboard youtuber to watch, it would be Chyrosran22, due to my great interest in vintage keyboards and of course his soothing voice.
Other favorites that are already mentioned above are :3ildcat, Shoobs, TaeKeyboards, Manofintrest and DBOKEY.
More favorite channels not mentioned so far:


Blacksimon, Wootan, Shoobs, Chyrosan, Manofintrest


I forgot CookieCurls

If you’re into ridiculously small keyboards, I’m taking sub-40 and even sub-30, or just ergo mech boards in general, I’ve found it interesting to follow Ben Vallack’s keyboard experiments from a distance.

EDIT: ergo mech, not custom mech.