First keyboard build - updates ;)

hello there,

I’m possibly branching out from switch experimentation into building my first keyboard :slight_smile: I have too fly to Germany for a family emergency and I though building a keyboard might help give me something to do and keep my sane, but the kicker is that I only have two weeks for it to arrive and me to build :crazy_face:

so, I’d be interested in a 65-75% keyboard that is generally of a deeper sound, happy to do modding (that’s kind of the point of the exercise :wink: ), but most importantly it has to arrive within a week in Germany reliably. Budget is around 250 Euro or so (without switches and keycaps - happy to take some of the ones I have accumulated already, ahem - I mean, who DOESN’T travel with switches and keycap…?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). Aluminium preferred…

I’ve looked at all sorts of fun keyboards, but they all seem out of stock. Like the look of Klippe and Freebird 75, or QK675 or JRIS, but alas, not available.

Any hot tips?

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Yep, that’s where I ended up…it‘ll be a Gingko65! Fingers crossed that wasn’t a late night bad decision, but I’m sure it’ll be fun anyway.

My first build, here I come! :wink:

Alrighty, I’m on a plane with a teeny weeny bit of internet, so here’s an update…

  • Ginkgo65 e-white/copper
  • extra FR4 plate
  • Somehow some TTC Wild Switches stole into the order…
  • as did some Boba LTs 🫣
  • TX stabs
  • stab shrinks
  • spacebar foam

Some of this is actually for my home keebs…but all my orders there will now arrive when I’m not home („how many switches can you put in a keyboard”?) unfortunately my swanky Gateron switch puller just arrived in OZ…:roll_eyes:

So, debating a new keycap set…I’d LOVE an XDA Oblique, but apparently that’s not going to happen soon. I’m keen on a uniform profile, so, I was thinking:

  • G20 Glacier (maybe with a couple of single coloured keys?)
  • DSA Milkshake (quickly available but can’t get the extra add-on keys anymore, but they kind of come with their on switches….ahem…)
  • XVX low profile white backlit (would probably eventually end up on the Raise)

A bit of a random list :nerd_face: help me choose?

Here we go - first build :partying_face:

Ginkgo65 with PC plate and all the foam, TTC Wild Linear switches on the left, and Gazzew BOba LTs on the right. Surprisingly, while the TTC switches sounded significantly deeper than the Bobas out of the keyboard, when mounted the Bobas sound deeper :person_shrugging: Lubed TX stabilisers - that was more fun than I expected.
Can still experiment with less foam and an FR4 plate…and maybe some other keycaps 🫣

Some pics


Looks nice! Well done!


Thank you! I didn’t take a picture of all the slightly wonky gaskets…how does one stick them on straight…?? :crazy_face:


For sure, this happens a lot. Sounds like you had a lot of fun on this one. So which switch do you prefer? I have both of those and my own opinions but I’m curious what you think :slight_smile:


I’ve luckily never had to stick gaskets onto a board ever, but from what I’ve heard it sounds like an ordeal. All of my boards are either Gummy O-ring or Top Mount for some reason.

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Oooo, very nice and clean! Very nice indeed… :smiley:


I think I prefer the Boba LTs, but it’s a bit early to say - I haven’t even hooked it up to computer because I forgot to get a cable :face_with_spiral_eyes: I was sure I would prefer the TTC ones, so I’m a little confused.
because I didn’t like any of the other Gazzew switches, possibly because they have heavier springs. I’m learning so much, it’s quite fun :star_struck: I’ll do more testing tomorrow and get back to you. What are your thoughts?

My poor niece had to endure all my pics and sound tests of the various build stages :laughing: I figured she was bored on the train ride home, and she had shown a smidgen of interest while she was here :innocent:


I can see the attraction :grin: they stretch easily and are very sticky - definitely the hardest part! Maybe that’s why they give you two sets…

Thank you! I struggled with some of the keycaps - I think I left some at home that were on a macropad. Whoopsie.

I did think white and yellow might look nice, or botanical or something. I saw someone sell my favourite (XDA Oblique) on r/mechmarket but I couldn’t work out how that works :wink:

Maybe Epomaker Theory could work, I saw that in another thread and quite liked it.

I like both a lot. Both in my top 10 linears for sure. But the feel of the bobas when typing is exceptional and my favorite of the two.


Sounds like my very first impression! I somehow the TTCs are a little, dunno, less smooth? Maybe a bit stocky? I’m sure if I only had those I’d be quite happy, but in a direct comparison I like the Bobas more. To be fair, the Bobas have lighter springs, which I generally prefer. Looking forward to testing more and to see what happens when I change the PC plate for the FR4 plate :blush:

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Great looking build - glad you’re having fun!

I’m also a fan of LTs and Wilds; I have the LTs in a build with a polycarb plate, and the Wilds with an FR4 one.


Thanks! Interesting- I will see what happens when I swap the plate over. I still haven’t been able to rustle up a cable (been to busy), so not sure if all switches work - had a little trouble with the foam layer between the plate and the pcb and not being able to see the pin holes for the switches…

And apparently I have “corrupted” my brother who loved the sound of this and now wants to build one for his wife :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but he says he needs ISO with a numpad (I had a look they seem harder to come by outside of GBs). I suggested a Keychron to start with - less building but still room for modding with switches and keycaps and foam/dampeners/forcebreak etc

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