For 6/5, I’d like to say “Happy 65% Day!” Post your 65%ers folks! ✋👍 ✋❤️

I’d like to start off by saying that I love ALL of the keyboards in my collection, but I find myself, more times than not, with a 65% board on my desk. With today being June 5th (6/5) I figured I’d make this post to see how many others out there feel the same about them.

Post ‘em if ya got ‘em!!!

Zoom65 by Meletrix

Iron65 by Smith + Rune

NightFox by Input Club

Freja by Helheim Design

Even More 📷⌨️😱!!!

Envoy by Mode (Black Aluminum)

Envoy by Mode (Polycarbonate)


Envoy by Mode (Green Aluminium)

Kei V2 EC by Monokei (Raw Aluminum)

Neo65 by Neo (Retro White)

Neo65 by Neo (Red)

Jris65 by Iris Labs

QK65 V2 Classic EC by Qwertykeys

Bauer Lite First Edition by Omnitype

Obviously, the 65% layout is one of my favorites as it comprises almost half of my collection of keebs.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can’t wait to see yours!!! :+1::+1:


Thermal + by Wilba & he who should not be mentioned

Babylon by Trailblazer

Jules by Zambumon & he should not be mentioned

E6.5 by Exclusive

Redscarf II+ ver.C by 悬壶济世

Clueboard (alum. version) by Skullydazed

Clueboard (acrylic version) by Skullydazed

FC660C by Leopold

Nightfox by Input Club


Let me see if I can sneak in a 64-key layout in a 60% case… after all, just yesterday was 6/4

More pics and details: Post Your Keyboards! - #3647 by yeeb


Brutal v2 65 with SW Foundation


Happy 6/5!

Way too many keyboards to post them all, but here’s a photo of the first one I ever built from about 7 years ago:

Went from 1 to 47 65% boards pretty quick! Defintely one of the larger chunks of my collection.


@pixelpusher ‘s collection is hallowed and only spoken of in hushed whispers on this site…

One of these days we’ll need like an overhead drone shot of them all!!

:keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard::keyboard: :eyes:


This is eventual museum-level.

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maybe so. my son doesn’t have a lot of interest in keyboards, so I’ll have to do something with them one off these days. :rofl:


are you accepting applications to be put under your inheritance


Happy 6/5!

Easily my favorite form-factor, and probably well over 90% of my collection - 65s are just right for me and my use-cases. I happen to be moving-in some new housemates today so I won’t really have a moment to take any new photos, but here’s a few:

I took a whack at listing all of them off the dome - I think I managed not to miss any! In no particular order, my collection of 65s - not all of them built:
  • Durgod Hades 68 [x2 - both dead, and why I now own a Hakko FR-301 - very much outmoded these days being cast-aluminum tray-mounts with warped cases, but these blazed the trail for affordable 65s, and even had software that I’d call very good. Too bad they’re a subsidiary of HKGaming. :skull:]

  • KBD67 Lite x? [I literally lost count of how many of these I have, at least four complete ones and some extra cases - I sold one of the completes a couple years ago]

  • KBD67 v3

  • NK65EE [x2]

  • Protozoa P.02 [has been in its case for years waiting until I don’t suck at stabs anymore, or until I find sufficiently idiot-proof ones]

  • Grid 650

  • CIY TES68 [sold - not that I planned on it but someone asked and needed a testbed]

  • CIY GAS67 [sold - not that I planned on it but someone had to have it when they saw it]

  • NuPhy Halo65 [sold - actually gifted to one of my best friends; made him into a 65% and heavy spring convert]

  • TKC Portico [honestly my favorite keeb to come out of the “entry” cloud of keebs from around 2020, was a little sad to see it go out of production so quickly, if only because I want a source for spare parts! I put almost as many miles on this keeb as I have my 67L: thanks to it being super easy to take apart, this was my daily switch-testing platform for years until I just about wore-out the sockets and FR4 plate.]

  • TKC Portico68 BL [x2 - simple, solid, flirts with perfection - when a generic design gets pretty much everything right you get something like this. If “65% keyboard” was in the dictionary, a photo of this keeb would be appropriate.]

  • MelGeek Mojo68 [x2 - versatile, convenient, looks so darn cool… but ill-suited for dusty environments with their glossy transparent cases. One colorway of this series had such a cool design that people are still copying it - irony is it’s a design that hardly takes itself seriously and outwardly pokes fun at keeb trends]

  • Bakeneko65

  • Mode Envoy

  • Neo65 [might be my actual favorite 65 at the moment - never mind that it cost less than most of the rest of this list. I’d change a thing or two about it, sure - but for that price? Genuinely next level.]

  • IC NightFox [A colorway variant of the OG 65, how could I not? I bought a handful of these to turn into terminal boards for machines at work]


I loaded DCS Alchemy on my Portal - this is my first and only DCS set, and I like it! 65s are a great size for me; maybe the only downside is that I don’t get to show off as many keycaps in a set (to myself?)!


I had this on my desk yesterday as well, so I thought I would add it today.
PC Dolinger with OPBlacks and Tuzi