Friendly Neighborhood Cable Maker

Hi all,

Been shitposting all day and figured it was time to say hello!

I’m Max, I run where I make loads of crazy cables for @Jae-3soteric & @ChrisSwires mostly :wink:

Just got my first really nice board with the E6-V2! Everything else not really noteworthy though I have a couple of really fun projects in the works at the moment that I will post on here when they come closer to completion!

P.S. Linears are life


This man taught me to lube. And for that I will love him forever. And other reasons too diverse to discuss here.

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you’ll always have my love for my cables fam!! and also getting @TaehaTypes addicted to them too :wink:

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He is the lube sensei? :thinking: teach me @westfoxtrot


Hey Cable & Skittles distributor

the way of lubing is not for one so young…

JK - if @westfoxtrot can teach me and @ChrisSwires he can teach anyone

Chris is a difficult student.

Is it because of my distracting wit and charm?

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we can pretend its that, sure

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He not only teaches lubing but the art of the Frankenswitch too!

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@Jae-3soteric I have become your protege :slight_smile:

Can you guys make any SATA cables for my VE.A?

@westfoxtrot has made some seriously cool cables - I’m sure he can do a VEA connection

I can look into it for sure! Pm me with what you are after and I’ll take a look

Solarized dark boyo. Wonder who made dis :eyes:

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@meliewx loves a big banana confirmed!

Also I adore this cable. Still waiting on @westfoxtrot to do my version :slight_smile:

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I feel left out, you mention Jae and Chris as your main cable buyers :frowning: I’ve bought 6(?) already as well :rofl: