Fun Between your Legs! (Cycling Thread)

I went for a ride yesterday and thought to take a photo for this thread.

My commuter bike, a cheap (~5 Rama keycaps) single speed. It has a fairly narrow handlebar, quite handy for those times that I need to get in between two lines of cars.

I’ve only had it for a few months, so no modifications yet besides the phone holder on the handlebar. I was quite lucky to find it in my signature orange colour.


Very cool!

I have one on my city cruiser bike.


Off topic, but…
MFW I realized where your profile image is from.

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I got a new cambrium saddle and Paul stem for the road bike, it is extra fun now


The paul stem :heart_eyes:

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It’s soooo nice. I really like Paul stuff, I have their hubs on my other bike (not a lot of options for fixed gear through axle hubs lol) and they’re so smooth and totally bombproof.

Anyone have any good recs on a front rack bag? I’ve been using this big trader joes tote but it’s like pretty ugly and kinda awkward shaped for the the rack

Anyone here using IGH ? (internal gear hub)

I have a Nexus 8 Alfine on my Trek and it’s pretty nice excepting the fast wear of the rear cog that is made out of composite material and wears out in @1500 km. I feel like the Trek TAB belt drive is not too optimal/budget friendly as 2 cogs + belt = 130-140 Eur+ shipping.

I already got the parts for converting to chain, but I’m also thinking of selling the bike and get an IGH with Gates Belt drive, with metal back+pedal cogs.

  • Current bike - Pro: wear the current drive & convert to chain ; Con: Maxed out 35c tyres, my total weight is at max because Covid&newborn

  • Thinking of bike Pro: supposes more durable transmission, 40c tyres support my weight better, more comfort in geometry; Cons: 400-500 Eur difference to upgrade

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If you can afford it, get the thinking of bike! Life is too short to not ride the bike you want.

It’s just too bad, I’m guessing, your current rear hub doesn’t have a freehub body compatible with any gates cogs.

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I think that’s actually exactly the one I’ll probably end up with, my sister has the bright orange xpac one and is probably going to sell it, the color just doesn’t match my bike like at all haha. I was sort of looking for something that would be easier to take on and off, I wouldn’t want to leave that locked up on there for example at the grocery store…

I’ve been living the no car life for a lot of years and have had a lot of bike backpacks, I have the ILE “standard” bag right now and I have to say it is probably my favorite one I’ve ever had, although my zakkpac gets more use when the weather is good which is usually in California

Would this be easier to get on and off?

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Oh hmmmm maybe, that’s pretty cool, I hadn’t seen that one before, thanks!