Gamers Assemble!

Hiya guys!
I am new to the custom mechanical keyboard world and looking to learn and discuss.

So while browsing the forum, I noticed that there aren’t many pure gaming oriented thoughts and discussions. So what do you guys prefer on your boards for gaming? Why do you prefer that? Just looking to start a thread that might turn into something interesting.


I would hardly call my self a gamer, I feel like the term “gamer” carries a lot of baggage these days, and I find a lot of “gamer stuff” (media, culture, etc) to be pretty insufferable anymore, but I gamed a lot in college and still play a bit of league of legends and occasionally whatever the flavor of the month battle royale game is. For those I pretty much prefer the same as ever, linear switches, although I find a lighter weight to be nice. I’ve got a Mekanisk Type X built up with lubed and filmed yellow ink switches with an mkultra foam and I’ve really enjoyed using that for playing games lately. I’m still on the fence about the shorter travel switches, but I’ve been enjoying them. I have no preference on size, but I remember being pissed off that cities skylines wanted page up and page down keys because at the time I didn’t have a keyboard that had those.

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Ah I understand the over-hyped term but I still tend to categorize even casual have-fun game loving people as gamers :slight_smile:

I generally love FPS games, and have been thinking of Gateron blacks because I don’t really care for the tactility as much as I care about the feel of a satisfying thonk as you let the emotions out into the key press.

Hi! I play FPS a lot. I think the “gaming” switches concept is based solely on assumptions while in fact it is simply a personal preference, just like with anything - use whatever your fingers/ears like more. A linear switch on a spacebar is a must have for me though.
The layout is more important I think. Thus the boards with no numbers row is a big no-go for me. In general, I think ortholinear split boards are perfect for gaming - the WASD-centered controls feel more comfortable on ortho layouts, while split halves save space and lets you position halves super easy to fit your needs. Also customizable firmware is important. My personal favorite is having a Layer Tap function on Tab - makes using function keys so easy, e.g. switching seats in a vehicle.

Ah… That’s interesting.
I never actually gave it a thought like that…
Personally, it’s the same for me.
The bottom row and F row are very important to me and numpad is a no-go.
So I like my 75% layouts.
I also have been thinking that I don’t really need the page up and down buttons and End button etc, so if I tinker with the layout I could put some open macros on the upper right and sides.

Ahoy! Here’s my personal gaming keeb preferences:

  • Smaller form-factor; 75% might be most practical but I tend to use either 65% or a TKL - mostly to keep my shoulders more relaxed.

  • Quiet, but not silent linear switches; so far my faves for this are Gateron Silent Inks. They make a nice little “plock” sound and have a decently-crisp bottom-out without making too much noise. I also enjoy very mild tactile switches for gaming, if the bump is well-coordinated with actuation.

  • Solid, but not-too-heavy case. Squeaks, creaks, flex, and instability are pet-peeves.

  • Along the same line, lubed stabs and switches, including springs - rattly keys fall into that same pet peeve. It’s less about the sound and more about the board feeling tight and responsive, keeping extra movement and feedback to a minimum - especially on the space bar.

  • Wired, with a well-anchored, light-weight cable.

I have been thinking of going 60% or 65%, but I love my function row. XD

I was thinking if Inks too. I am getting a tester kit for Gaterons. If I like the linear black, I will definitely get the Inks.

I have similar issues, I like a nice tight strong board with a presence, while still being sleek and streamlined.

And I love those aviator coiled cables… Dunno about the practical aspect but damn that looks good. :sunglasses:

I’m using Tex Shinobi, with Lubed 62g Zilents. Prior to that, I was using a Logitech G Pro keyboard with Romer- G tactile switches and my first gaming keyboard / mechanical keyboard was a SteelSeries 7G, with MX blacks.

Oh nice!
My first mechanical keyboard is a Logitech G512 with RomerG Tactile.
I find the rattling of the keycap seriously annoying even though the switch is mounted very solid.

Never had any switch rattling, It’s still a solid board, and it has seen 1500 hours from 2 games alone. It’s in by little brother’s hands now.

I was been waiting for a keyboard with a decent TrackPoint for a long time and when I saw the Shinobi, I jumped on it and preordered 2.

Note: I’m a fan of utilitarian keyboards.

Not the switch but the keycaps.
The 4-point prong mounting mechanism is strange and introduces pivots, though it does allow for really cool RGB.

Hmm, I never noticed any key rotation or pivoting.

I will make a video about it sometime soon🙂
Could be just my particular board.
Though the Pro and the 912 version are said to have better implementations.

I use gat ink yellow on a 60% nowadays. They are lubed, film’ed and feeI great but I dunno if they make me better but compared to the TKL I had before I don’t hit the keyboard with the mouse anymore.
But I do regret not putting a slightly softer spring in them.
What game u say? Quake Live <3

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Your ortholinear suggestion + this:

Now I am unsettled and itching to spend bucks…

Could you share your layout?

I tried Orotholinear… After 20 years of typing, I couldn’t make the switch, but I work in IT support. Until Covid, I tended to spend more time at other people’s keyboards, then I did at mine. Granted I’ve minimized that time these days, by implementing remote support software, I think 65%/75%/TKL’s are the sweat spot for me.

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Well, if you have 350 to spend on posh Preonic =)
But it does look cool I have to agree, I like the side LEDs, the mounting and the rest. But if I would buy a single unit ortho now I would go for the Boardwalk, still supreme champion in my opinion.

what do you guys prefer for gaming, pbt or abs (gmk) keycaps?

It really doesn’t matter to me so much. As long as they’re cherry profile I’m mostly happy, although I tend to prefer ABS in general. I have more GMK/JTK sets than I would care to admit and 2 ePBT ones, so I tend to use ABS lot more just by nature of that.

My go to board for gaming lately has been a Noxary type X with lubed and filmed yellow inks and JTK toxic. I like the switches, and while I’m not really convinced that the shorter travel switches make any difference for gaming i do quite enjoy them for it.

I really have no preference in that regard, except maybe that I think SA profile looks good and I would prefer that for gaming.
Soon will be testing that out.