Gamers, what's your favorite switch, and keycap profile?

Like the title says, I’m curious, for those of you that game, what is your favorite switch for gaming? What about keycap profile?

I’m very partial to gaming on Topre, and stock HHKB profile keycaps lately. Plus my HHKB is my “lowest” board at the front, so I can rest my wrist on my deskmat, without it being at a steep angle while gaming.

Steel Series Apex Pro with Omnipoint switches.

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You should really look into a wrist wrest or something to put there, that sounds horrible ergonomically.


I’m building a split keyboard so I have more room for the mouse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dygma raise with gat silent black inks and GMK caps. I really like that I can use just the left or right side of the raise and the programming software is very easy to use.

62g Zilents and SA, so far. I’ve never tried topre.

I guess maybe I still count as a gamer, my go to for gaming is a mekanisk type X with lubed and filmed yellow inks and infinikey sanctuary rebirth. I don’t always get that one out though, most of my boards are tealios with gmk and any of those works fine for me too.


I will be candid, I recently stop using my keyboard for game and move on to buy a cheap controller. My board using Holy Panda, after many intense sessions of playing Assassin’s Creed, all w,a,s,d,e,r key losing its responsiveness. I ended up remove those switches, replace new one and never using my board for gaming again :expressionless:

An entire community just cried out on terror


But like, how do you aim?


I used to game on a 11 degree Duck Jetfire LOL

Lubed HPs and MT3.

Wait is that normal? I mean most switches have a lifecycle of 50 Millions+ clicks so why HP loses it’s responsiveness after few thousand clicks.

I actually quite enjoy gaming with box clicky switches for some reason. I feel like having something tactile for FPS games would make it easier on the fingers for it to be held down for longer periods of time (e.g. crouching, shift-walking).

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45g topre and cherry profile. I find anything over about 55g too tiring for extended play sessions. Or maybe I just have weak fingers…

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Why would a tactile make that easier? Wouldn’t you want a lighter spring?

I commend you sir :muscle:

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Currently running the left half of a Nyquist V2, Gat Blacks (wasn’t going to waste boutique switches), a PBT DSA set (no 4 key shine on a GMK set thanks). The Ortho layout feels and performs quite well for gaming, but it may be replaced when I build up my new Sinc since I miss the larger mods keys. I should honestly look into a split Orgre Ergo left half to get the best of both worlds.

I’m assuming he means that it lost tactility from the stem being more worn on those keys… I think. The 50 million actuations number is normally referring to total switch failure.

67g Zealios and MT3 (secondary would be KAT) for me.