Gateron Ink varieties at KBDFans

I just picked up some yellows to test out. Looks fun. I bought the black ones from novelkeys when they first came out. I personally don’t think they are significantly better than other Gateron switches, but they are nice stock. Even nicer lubed.

The yellows look like they should have the same spring as a normal Gateron yellow with a different stem design.


Travel: 3.4 mm

Anyone know why the Yellows have 3.4 mm travel while all other inks have 4 mm travel?

Guessing it has to do with the box stem design. I’ll see when they get here.

I love the yellows and also shorter stems. Really psyched to try them in a build

I’m hoping Novelkeys stocks up soon enough on these so I can try some of them out. I’m a pretty big fan of the normal ink black switches, but curious to try the others

Interesting that the kbdfans page says Inks bottom out at 80g where NK has always said 70g. I find them closer to 70 subjectively.

Also if the yellow is bottoming out at 67g with only 3.4mm of travel, would it be the same yellow spring? IIRC the normal gat yellow bottoms out around 65g at 4mm.

They are a speed switch.


Should be here real soon!


How speedy of a speed switch? Kailh Silver level, or more to the Burgundy end of the scale?

3.4mm instead of 4mm of travel. I am not sure on the actuation just yet.

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It seems the consensus is that they get better as they’re used as well. I hope the same can be said for it’s counterparts.

Let us know what the Yellows are like. I was thinking of getting some but given the cost, I dont want to risk it if it’s scratchy or wobbly

Will do for sure. I chose free shipping with KBDFans, so it will be a while though :frowning:

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Gateron Red Ink

The red ink unlubed is a bit too high pitched to my liking. They also are a lot scratchier than the unlubed black inks. I added some Krytox 104 and the sound became a lot deeper. I still enjoy the lubed black inks more, but I tend to favor the heavier actuation and bottom out.

Gateron Yellow Ink

The yellow ink unlubed has a nice solid sound on its own, and the feeling is 1:1 how @Walkerstop described in his typing test of them. I really agree that with lube these switches sound and feel amazing, whereas beforehand they only feel good.

I wish I had grabbed some Blue Inks as well but I can always do that later. I really think (just like the Black Inks) that these are solid linear switches on their own, and provide excellent color options for people who are wanting every part of their board to match. Looking at you Jamon owners. :pig2:


Finally got my yellows in today. It’s a shame that these are speed switches. The stem is smooth with lower wobble, the shortened travel feels pretty good, the spring feels really nice, the color is awesome, but man, the switch actuates way to early/high up for my tastes.

I could easily type on these switches, but gaming is a different situation. I can’t game with switches like this b/c I end up using cooldowns in games at the wrong time from accidental actuation. Boo.


Kinda funny how that works, speed switches that are supposed to be better for gaming end up being worse for it. I’ve always had a feeling it would be a huge “getting used to” to start gaming with higher actuation switches, now I know it’s not worth me trying them for it. Thanks for the quick review on them!

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Honestly if it was the same actuation it’d be a spectacular switch.


Do the Blue Ink switches just use the regular plastic click jacket design? If they do, I personally don’t think they’d be worth it, as they are more expensive than clicky Kailh BOX switches.

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Not 100% sure but from the looks & descriptions of them I was assuming they were click jacket style. Hopefully someone who has tried them can chime in as I’m curious as well now, lol!


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