Gazzew Boba U4T vs Gateron black inks v2

Hey! I’ve been trying my best to create a very thocky sounding keyboard. From what I’ve heard, it seems that the ‘thockiest’ switches would be the Gateron Black Inks v2 for linear, and Gazzew Boba U4T for tactile. It seems that not much discussion or comparison is found on the internet. I do understand that tactiles feel different from linears, but considering both of this switches are one of the best in their fields as well. What are the differences in their sounds? What other deep sounding switches do you recommend.

I’m currently on the NK65 Entry edition, with plate foam, pe foam, and Gat Black Inks V2


With Inks, the loudness will depend more on how hard you type, where the Bobas will probably always be at least a little loud even with gentle typing due to the strong bump.

Overall, I’d say U4T’s are more loud and with a more sharp impact sound, though they also have other elements to the sound that stand out more than in other switches like Inks; the leaf itself makes some noise at the bump.

I’d say out of the bag Inks feel more smooth (ignoring the bump of the Bobas for a moment), though lubing the switches brings them a lot closer together in that regard.

I just got a new mic this week and do have both switches; if I can remember when I get home tonight (and if I can find the box I put them in) I’ll do a recording comparing the two and upload it here.


Thank you! I also have some bobas incoming so I’ll also upload them here once I get them.

I did find mine last night - I’ll pop them in my NK65EE tonight :grin:

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Alright well the NK65 is still in a box and I’m still figuring out the new mic, but I did pop them in a BDN9 macro pad and capture them with my phone. Not the best recording, but you can at least compare them in-context:

At least to my own ear, I’m gonna say the Boba Linear Thock might take the deepness cake among these, closely followed by the U4 Thock and then Ink Black.


THANK YOUUU! you’re the mvp. I agree, the boba linear thock sounds the deepest, then comes the u4t, then the ink blacks. The Bobas also seem to be cleaner than the gat ink, since the inks have some spring ping, higher piched upstroke, and some scratchiness. Honestly haven’t heard much of the boba linear thock, but it’s something I’ll be looking for.

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Here’s what I found from testing with nk65 entry edition (felt plate foam, pe foam mod, tempest tape mod, changed the silicone dampener to multiple layers of foam since the silicone made the sound higher pitch)

The Black inks V2 lubed and filmed with krytox 205g0 and deskey switch films had a deep muted sound signature. I’ve heard many reviewers said that it is so deep that it is muted, which is very much true if you lube and film them properly.

The boba u4t on the other hand has a louder sound signature, it still “deep” in it’s own way, but it’s a bit higher pitch. Lubing it with krytox 203g0 will make it sound a bit deeper, but I do think that it’s not much different with stock u4t. Also, coming from a smooth linear such as the black inks, the tactility of the u4t was a new feel. the tactility made pressing/clicking on the switch faster so it’ll be better for typing; but I’m sticking to linear as the smooth feel is what I prefer

note: I am a beginner so other factors may also contribute to the sound such as mounting, plate, table, mic etch. This is purely based on my experience, since as a beginner myself this switches are highly recommended yet no comparison between them is made

Z =gat ink v2 lubed and filmed with 205g0 and deskeys film
X = Gazzew boba u4t, lubed with 203g0
C = Gazzew boba u4t stock

wow, are these all stock? the spring or leaf ping is very apparent in all of them.

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Yes, all stock - and the steel-plate-sandwich macro pad I’m testing them in probably doesn’t help.


valid, I guess I forgot how much a good case can improve a switch. thank the lord for for cnc machines

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