Post Your Typing Sounds!

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Clip clop clip clop. Similar to my alu minivan with Cherry blacks and kat alpha, kinda has horse vibes.

Cajal E-white, FR4 plate, Tactile frankenswitches (Boba U4 housings 205g0, UHMWPE AEBoards tactile stems, 57g TX springs 16mm), GMK caps.

I enjoy these tactiles more than the few U4T switches I tried. My interpretation is that they are smoother with less tactility, which is right up my alley.

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@oTEMPE5To Thank you for sharing the Tape Mod.


In light of the requested comparison between Inks and Bobas from the other day, I decided to do another with some switches I’d gotten in the mail recently, compared with one of my current favorites.

Tecsee Diamonds by bespoke.keys • linear • UHMWPE stem & top, PC bottom, light factory lube

Aflion Icebergs by KeebMonkey • linear • POM stem, PC top, Nylon bottom, factory lubed

Tecsee Techno Violets by Bolsa Supply • long-pole linear • POM stem, Nylon top & bottom, unlubed

All three switches are mounted in a KBD67 v3, which consists of:

  • KBD67L R2 polycarb plate with embedded standoffs
  • KBD67 mkII v2 RGB hotswap PCB
  • KBD67 v3 aluminum case w/ brass weight (repurposed from the Bella)
  • Cherry screw-in stabilizers; clipped and lubed with XHT-BDZ, yes they tick
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A couple more for Tecsee Tuesday.

Lychees, including a few with loose caps thanks to stems that fit in them a bit too loosely:

Aside from the rattly loose caps here and there, I think these are quite nice. They feel great, and have a pretty neat top-bump going on.

Another recording of the Techno Violets, to compare with the Lychees. Same keeb, mic position, etc:

What a difference a little stem can make! So clacky. :3

I like both of these a lot, and I’m a fan of the Lychees - but I’m not sure I can recommend them unless you’re comfortable buying quite a few extras to account for iffy stems - not too different from how I feel about Water Kings. (The Violets are all-good with their tried-and-true POM stems.)


I’m gonna need to tryout those Violets. Is the wobble decent?

I saw they came out with a V3 Rev. 2, claiming to have fixed inconsistencies with their batches.

Rev. 2 boasts drastically lower error rates (~30% → <1%) due to updated tooling. We have worked with Everglide to help implement these changes.

… Hmm. That’s a huge improvement if true.

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Honestly I’m impressed they directly acknowledged the ~30% rate - I’m interested to see if they’ve actually managed to improve them that much.

As for wobble - I’ll have to go back and check those more closely, but they certainly didn’t stick out to me as wobbly - the Lychees did, though - of only because when they shift around it’s something of a crunchy feeling. I generally haven’t experienced that typing - just when WASD gaming.

Edit: aaaaaaah I went for 'em. Shame I didn’t get my first batch from them so I could get the new top housings but hey. They’re almost all sold out though! I had to compromise on spring weight; only the 70-packs of 67g were left. I’ll let you know if the statement on R2’s is true for the new ones when they come in.


Lol I have the budget non budget keeb

Case, plate and PCB: GK61XS
Stabs: Durock Plate Mount lubed with Krytox GPL 205g0
Switches: Gateron Black Inks lubed with 205g0 and filmed with NovelKeys_ films
Keycap: HKGaming Pudding OEM (sadly couldn’t use my cherry’s, darn north facing sockets)
Recorded on an iPad 6th gen with a PoPVoice Lav Mic
Desk mat: NovelKeys_ Fox Forest Dawn



This is what I think of whenever I see a GK with dialed-in, top-shelf components.


Would drive the shit outta that car.

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Heck yeah - 6th gen Spoon Civic is near the top of my unicorn wish-list.

My bike is kind of like that too; budget generic grocery-getter frame, all kinds of legit performance components.

My first car was an Integra Type R with JDM front headlights. I hated that thing so much lmao.

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I finally got a chance to try out the techno violets in a full board today. I really like the spring and the sound and feel of the bottom out on them. They’re a bit too wobbly to feel premium though. Fun switch, nonetheless. I’m sure they could benefit from lubrication. Have you tried any modifications or frankenswitches with these?

I haven’t modded my Techno Violets yet, though I do plan to. I’ll share what I find!

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Anyone like the linear Lychee switches? The product description reads like they should feel like butter; however, It sounds like there’s a rattle snake in my board. I only installed a few and the stem wobble is excessive to the point that I don’t see myself using them.

*nixdork × Gazzew Boba LTs in a Portico with Infinikey PBT Cherry profile caps

I use full-travel switches most of the time so I’m still adjusting to how short these are - I do better if I consciously type softly.

They really are very smooth.

I feel spoiled! The last two switches I’ve tried have been quite good right from the bag (the others being TTC ACE linears).


*nixdork × Gazzew Boba U4Ts in a KBD67 v3 with ABS MT3 profile caps

“Poppy and crisp” are the first words that come to mind, but they really make for inadequate understatements about these switches.

I mean, they’re U4Ts with long springs and quite decent factory tuning. Putting a regular stock U4T up to your ear, you’ll hear the spring ring clearly - much less so with these thanks to the donut dip lubing.

After using the LTs for a few days, these are definitely something else.

Where I felt myself encouraged to type lightly with the LTs, and barely making a gentle rain’s worth of noise with them; well - these are another story. Gentle typing is barely possible, and any honest attempt at using the keeb produces a hailstorm-like deluge. It also reminds me a bit of the sound made by a number of horses running down a street of cobblestone.

Between the two very good switches, I think I prefer the linears so far even though I’m usually a tactile guy. Maybe it’s the switches alone, maybe it’s them plus this keeb - it’s a little extreme for my current mood. They’re pretty much as-advertised, though - so that earns them a thumbs-up from me. :+1:

If you want a massively-tactile short-throw switch that’s ready to roll from the bag, you could do a whole lot worse than these. I also just realized what the color scheme is about… :penguin:

I’d personally be willing to trade some of the crispness for a little more vibration dampening when it comes to tuning style, but I think I can see why the designer considers this the “canon” configuration, and I’m not really inclined to suggest anyone pop these open.


Thanks for the information.

I will soon build my next board with U4Ts (lubed of course), and see by myself what kind of super tactility those switches are compared to Zelios v2.
This board will not be for me but for a friend that explicitly asked for something with lots of tactility.