Post Your Typing Sounds!


You guys know me, I love me some good typing videos.

Please keep in mind no typing sound video is 100% accurate, as everything from desk setup, mic, headphone, room acoustics, typing technique, etc all affect sound. With that in mind, let’s enjoy these videos.

I will start this thread off with a playlist of my own typing sounds that I update with each new video!


definitely not the quality of Nathan’s.

SKCM Blue Alps (harvested from Leading Edge DC-2014) lubed with PTFE dry lube (Finish Line)
AEK keycaps (harvested from M0115)
Paladin64 PCB with underglow
Sentraq 60% Acrylic Hi Pro case
Stabs lubed
Filmed using iPhone X


oh man. you’re just showing off.

i have your keyb vids in my youtube playlist.


This is my first time making a video on typing on my very first customized keyboard so forgive me for the terrible quality.

GMMK + Kailh BOX Navy + SP Filco SA Navy/White


are those the Filco uniform SA caps? they sound solid.


Yes, I just recently bought it from Filco’s Japanese website. It’s not entirely uniform. It’s 2-2-3-3-3-3. I thought they only have it brown/beige but to my surprise they have new colors. I chose Navy/White and I really like it. They also have a keyset similar to SP’s Troubled Minds.


Here is my first sound recording video from something like two or three years ago, but people still talk to me about how that one influenced their keyboard enthusiasm, so here it is:

Thank you for reminding me that I should do more of those, I have keyboards that sound really great that I never recorded — namely the lubed/silenced Norbatouch with Light BKE domes on which I’m typing right now and my lubed/silenced FC660C with Ultra Light BKE domes and Novatouch stems at home. :roll_eyes:


My first, and very short recording of how my new custom keeb sounds like:

It is a comparison between Pok3r with Cherry MX Brown (stock) with DSA Granite caps and KBDFans Dz60 in wood case on a brass plate with Aliaz switches, lubed with TriboSys 3204, with springs switched to 78g, and with bandaid mod on lubed stabilisers (Cherry style, but clear plastic). Both keyboards (and sound recorder) were placed on a thin UltraPro mat over a wooden desk. Recorded on Zoom H2n in 48k/24bit without limiter nor compression.


My Leopold FC660C, with Silence-X orings.
( i cant add links or audio files…)


I fairly old one of my X60, hoping to have some new videos of new keyboards soon:


I just uploaded 3 new ones!

TGR PC 910RE with Revo Whites

Norbatouch with BKE Heavy Domes (Lubed JTK Silders)

Gon Mx-Mini with Kailh Box Blacks


Shared this in the show your keyboard thread – box jades with gmk caps on kn2.10


Is that your workplace? If so, very bold of you to use anything clicky!


Yeah it is. There’s actually quite a lot of us in the floor using mechs. Some have mx blues, and greens.


Clackity clackity clack. My favorite keyboard.


So appropriate for Nathan to start the thread off :grin:

Nothing sounding as great as other people’s yet but will get there, recently put a heavy focus on sound for future builds

Will also update playlist below


Klippe with some lubed box blacks and a brass plate with some /dev/tty/MT3 :+1:


'nother Klippe with stock Zilents :heart:, brass plate and GMK TA Royal Alphas.


My KBD75 with lubed Zealios 67g and Zealencios


Rama m6a 88 - box royals

TX65 - lubed tealios

KBD8x lubed retool black

There are more on my channel; please enjoy!