Post Your Typing Sounds!


After paste link, new line, at least that worked for me. You can also preview to check. Should be thumbnail if it worked


Got it. It’s the new line that I missed. Thanks!


B mini clone with lubed Gateron yellow


I only hear computer fan noise and spacebar rattle.


Yeah, the spacebar stab used was a non-authentic piece of sh*t. hence, the rattle :sweat:


love low angled keyboards



IBM 3278 beamspring. Solenoid turned on and off during demo-


Your left hand position blows my mind


I lowered my desk a bit and it’s quite comfortable to type on compared to my 5251.


now dat is some sound effect :joy:


Beamspring typing sound with a solenoid turned on reminds me so much of some old machine, but I can’t remember what exactly. Maybe a dot matrix printer? Or a teleprinter?

It sounds like something important is coming, “Captain, we need you help. Over. The war is imminent. Over.”


Okay I’ve done quite a few typing sounds lately that I also wanted to share here :smiley:
For all of my newer videos (as well as future ones), I’ll have the meter so you can see the decibels. Note that the meter is right next to the keyboard and you’re probably not typing with your head attached to your keyboard :thinking:

Gon Acrylic60 with Lubed Mod-M Switches

TGR PC910RE with Lubed Revo White Switches

E6-V2 Round 2 FE with Holy Pandas Typing Sounds

Acrylic Unicorn Rebuilt Typing Sounds

TX60 Rebuilt Typing Sounds


Here is my only typing test to date… Perhaps I should do some more…

However here is my SMK Monterey Blue Alps in my VA69M case.

Maybe I should do a typing test on my Amber alps TKL?


ooo hear that spring go! Very nice :slight_smile:


Starting to upload my recordings to youtube:


Also started doing these recently (as in on Friday), mainly due to obtaining some Novelkeys Creams so here’s those with the previous switches for comparison:



And then a couple of backlog builds I was asked for.

The Weaven with Tangerines:

And the COD67


These are the latest video.

I am going to do more and more keyboard videos in the future.


And another, can’t stop me now!

Atom40, special little board that @Maartenwut designed and made the PCB and plate for (case is a ydpm40).

Edit. Oh. It doesn’t seem to embed on mobile. Sadness.