Post Your Typing Sounds!





My playlist;

The top-down canoe video is the first one I’ve tried shooting that way. Will most likely redo each keyboard (that I have now) that way.





Okay we’re a bit behind here with the updates, but I finally have them!
Here are some of the newest Typing Sounds from Top Clack

@Quakemz Salamander Typing Sounds with the PBT Plate

X60 with Exclusive Gaterons; this definitely needs to be lubed!

TGR Alice with Ergo Clears! I’m loving typing on this keyboard :slight_smile:

Exent with Lubed 78g Zilents on a COPPER Plate! I thought this one was really cool. Built a keyboard for @olivia , but it was a fun time typing.



I saw this linked on twitter, so I made an account and uploaded my first YT video.
I like silent keyboards but also a clicky/tactile response, also I like heavy switches, but not for my pinky.

So here is my planck with Steel Plate and CNC aluminum, 62-78g Zilents but Tealios on the mods:

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Outemu Ice Silver

MX Vintage Brown

Punchy Lemon

MX Black


Lubed Tealios on an M65


Pearl with 62g Zealios - Lubed with Krytox 106



Polycarb Singa with Lubed Tangerines


CA66 with SA Nautilus, and C3 Tangerine Switches - no case padding