Post Your Typing Sounds!




I feel like I’m watching a duel between @ChrisSwires and @Jae-3soteric


Haha, well I think I’m done for the moment, just had a few nice one’s laying about!


It’s like watching 2 players fighting for Longest Road in Catan


lol - I’m about a halfway through the ones that are easy to record…



Got a few more up on my channel too. My newly built TX60:









Loud boi:


Shot some new video’s of all the keyboards that I have from a different angle. There will be one new one in the near future when I get my YAS case back from powdercoating but other than that not a lot of changes for the next 2/3 months.

You can see all of them here:


That Canoe is NICE.


The typing sounds are getting better and better, I really liked that Gon Acrylic60, but I do have a request: could you pleeeeease stabilize your b-rolls? I’ve noticed that in all your videos unfortunately and that makes the visual experience a little unpleasant (I know, it’s a typing sound, what matters is the sound, but if b-rolls are there, they might as well be stabilized ^^)


Oof, I didn’t think people usually watched that far so I never spend the extra time stabilizing the shots haha. I can do that in the future.