[GB] aanzee Custom 65% Keyboard

Hello KeebTalkers(?)

After the positive feedback I’ve recieved wanted to post to annouce the GB starting for the aanzee.

Here’s the link to the IC on keebtalk and on geekhack

Here’s a link to an album of renders

The buy is structured as follows:

25 units in Aluminium
10 units in Polycarbonate

Features of the board:

  • 5° typing angle
  • 7-9mm sloped high profile
  • sandwich mount
  • sandblasted brass weight (numbered)
  • Choice of 7 custom colours for all aluminium parts
  • CNC Machined Plate
  • 19mm height at front of board

List of Colours(click here for images):

  • Charcoal
  • Aubergine
  • Olivia
  • Ocean
  • Royal Green
  • Anthracite
  • Tuscany Yellow

Pricing is as follows:

  • €385 (~$440) for the kit, this includes everything you need except for switches and keycaps
  • €65 (~$75) for an additional plate
  • €40 (~$45) for an additional PCB
  • €22 (~$25) for an additional nameplate

Finish on all parts is all follows and is included in the price:

  • Aluminium parts: beadblasted and anodised in your choice of colour
  • Polycarbonate parts: Sandblasted
  • Brass parts: sandblasted
  • Brass plates: optionally black plated

Click here to visit my store page to see the listings and buy your keyboard

Final link for the spreadsheet where I will keep details about the orders so far

The buy will finish once all the spots are taken.
Once the orders are all confirmed I will place the order with the manufacturer and we expect to have all units ship out from them by the beginning of March 2019, shipping will then be handled by myself and @Jae-3soteric.

Please feel free to PM or comment here with any questions

Thanks for the support!



Obligatory hype post! :smiley:


Wohooo! Was interesting following this project through its ups and downs and I’m very happy to finally get an “order” button! Best of luck with the GB Max!


Already in for my Aubergine!! Well done Max on getting the GB live!

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Absolutely stoked to get a Polycarbonate board! Going to steal the #1 spot for it, and will make sure my girlfriend goes in on it as well. I will also stream this build since it’ll be my first kit building myself.


Awesome!! I’m tempted to add a second to my order…

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I sadly missed the #1 slot so took #7 instead. Thinking of getting a PC one Jae?


If I get another then yes I’ll add a PC one as well as an Alu one

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Wanted to update the thread here with some really nice new renders ;D

aanzee in polycarbonate

Jaekeebs sound test of the proto:

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One more sold. Only 5 or so Alu boards left!



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So Close to MOQ!!

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One more render in custom @olivia colour



Oh man that looks so good, if I were a richer man I’d get that as my second aanzee.

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I’m in!


You stopped me grabbing the last PC one!!

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Are there RAL codes for all of the color options?

It appears that royal green was RAL 140-50-20


Olivia RAL 040 80 20
Aubergine RAL 4007
Charcoal RAL 9011
Anthracite RAL 7001
Royal Green RAL 140 50 20
Tuscany Yellow RAL 1021

I don’t have the RAL code for the ocean colour