[IC] aanzee custom 65% keyboard

Hello folks. First off, thanks for checking out my keyboard! Here’s some beautiful renders produced by Egla from the International Kit:

Click here for more

With this board I aimed to create a board with a subtle signature that was easily recognisable. To this aim I’ve got a few unique features. First off I have a straight line at the front and back of the board accented by the plate itself stepping through the sides of the case

In the original design this was designed to be Blue with a brass plate to accent, hence the name which is Dutch for “on sea”

I’ve also included a slight slope raise of height between the front and the back of the board to surround the caps a little more, higher at the back than at the front. It’s 7mm at the front and 9mm at the back. It’s a small difference but, for me, it creates a unique structure to the board.

It has compatibility with a tada68 pcb and I intend to share the plate files so you can always custom cut additional plates if you need. So far I have my vision of the buy structured like so:

25 units in aluminium, all numbered 1-25. Choice of 6 colours for all aluminium parts.

10 units in polycarbonate, separately numbered 1-10.


7-9mm High Profile

Sandwich Mount

5° typing angle

Separate ISO & ANSI plate

.5u blocker for arrows

Polycarbonate or Aluminium body

Polycarbonate, Aluminium or Brass plate

Sandblasted Brass weight

Sandblasted Brass or aluminium name plate with custom lettering

Custom PCB (South facing LEDs)

Custom colours have been selected by me following some samples from my factory. I have chosen 6 colours in total:





Royal Green


Click here to see an album of the colour samples.

I have produced a prototype of the board in polycarbonate which helped me to learn a lot about the positives and negatives of the original design and tweak based on this. Changes include: raising the top piece 1mm overall. Dropping the overall height of the board 6mm. Adjusting the nameplate and weight mounting. Changing brass from polished to sandblasted.

Here you can see an album of the prototype

I’ve also worked closely with a designer to come up with a slightly fresher feel for the board, changing the font used from the prototype and changing the logo to a completely new design, I’m really happy with the work she did and have to give her a huge shout out here: Morgana on Twitter

I have implemented the changes in the working design and they will be in the final parts

You can see the proposed redesign here:

Due to the limited run of this board we are looking at a price of around $425-50 US per board (not including shipping)

Additional parts prices would be structured like so:

Plate $80

Nameplate $25

PCB $50

I plan to run this buy in november assuming this IC is well-received


Obligatory hype post!

Are the 80$ for an additional plate?

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Yes, the kit for $425 would include everything you need and the extras are additional and optional. @ODIN

Real pretty board man, best of luck!

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Looks really nice. So it sounds like the custom PCB would fit in a Tada68 and Tofu 65% case. If that’s true I’d be interested in getting a PCB for the south facing LED (proper) switch orientation.

It should do but I don’t have those to test, layout is still being finalised on the PCB but will be posted along with the group buy details.