[GB] Cruciformer Pre-Order & Demo Video


I just wanted to share the video (apologies for the amateur editing) showing Cruciformer working on an old-tooling BOX Royal stem. I’ll be following up with more testing data later this week or next, but for now, it consistently trims stems to 1.28mm. My SP ABS caps (both SA and DSA) haven’t show any undue stretching.

LINK to Pre-Order the tool and the jig

Quick Info

  • This tool shapes new and old BOX stems and Nexus Sliders to 1.28mm in the right dimension
  • Precision CNC’d from 7075 Aluminum, un-anodized to be user resharpenable
  • Tool and accompanying jig (being redesigned based on testing) works with loose and mounted switches
  • Shipping end of April
Part @100MOQ @250MOQ @500MOQ
Cruciformer $35 $32.50 $25
BOX Jig $10 $8.75* $5.50*
Nexus Jig $15 $10.00* $5.50*

^ *pricing for the jig is still being worked out as I add more features like a baseplate so you don’t poke yourself when using the tool on lose switches.

If we hit 420 orders by 4/20* then all price drops are active and possibly free shipping CONUS.
Partial refunds for price drops – you’ll get a partial refund after the pre-order phase ends!

*(This is what the youths refer to as memetic marketing, rudbear does not endorse the consumption of mind-altering substances, especially illicit ones).

For some more background, here are links to the
Update on r/MK,
r/MM IC,
r/MK IC, and the KeebTalk thread


Anything we should do if we already ordered with the pre-order link in the other thread?


I’d like to know that as well. I already ordered a few days ago using the link on the IC (here, on Keebtalk).


Nope! I really appreciate your early support, I’ll try to keep updating everywhere. If we hit price breaks or if I can bring down the shipping costs, I will.


Thanks for creating this Rud!
Ordered and anxious to review this. I’ve got just a few hundred Hako Clears to “clean up”.


We have the machine time to do the last corrective steps on Saturday and the jigs should be cut before then!