[GB] EnjoyPBT Slate

Hi. Finally launching the group buy for EPBT Slate.

Start: Dec. 27, 2018
End: Jan. 26, 2019

The keysets will ship to buyers in April.

Original IC: https://www.keebtalk.com/t/ic-enjoypbt-slate/
Project page: https://hineybush.com/epbt-slate/


NA: Hineybush Keyboards
EU: MyKeyboard.eu
Rest of world: KBDFans

Will update with links once the buy is live.

Pricing (USD):
Base kit: $100
Accent kit: $20
Spacebar kit: $18
International kit: $20
Ortho 40’s kit: $20

Imgur Album of Kits (also avail on the project page linked above)

This is Slate.

The name Slate is a reference to both the color of the set and the fact that you can mix and match this set with others for unique looks. Using the shades between 9009/Muted/OG Cherry sets and the Dolch family, this GMK keyset provides a rock solid base on which to customize.

Alongside EnjoyPBT Slate we’ll be offering PB modifiers.

PB draws its inspiration from the mid-90’s Packard Bell logo:

Color Codes:

  • Base: Pantone Cool Grey 8 CP
  • Mods: Pantone Cool Grey 10 XGC
  • Legends: Black


I love everything about this, the price, the compability (i hope future enjoypbt sets will also feature ISO), the international kit, the windowed keys … Now I wish I handn’t pulled the trigger on GMK hyperfuse origins just the other day, because I’d be sooo in for this and now I can’t really justify buying another keycap set :confused:

Best of luck with the GB!


Annnnd ordered.

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Joined. :money_with_wings:

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Joined via mykeyboard.eu.

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Aww, fuck it. Joined via mykeyboard.eu … Now I’ve got two keycap sets incoming without a board to put them on, is this what the rabbithole looks like?


Can’t wait to get this in hand!

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1/3 to MOQ :slight_smile:

Reminder that there’s less than a week to use code LETSGO2019 for $5 off the base kit.

A very good-looking set! Congrats! Now, just a questio. Since ya’all who fortunately have included an International Set - much appreciated - could you please, PLEASE, include the very few keys for the Portuguese (pt_PT) layout? It’s only an hand full of keycaps to join the bunch. ThKU for your attention.

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Thanks for the input, but it’s too late to change the kits for the current buy since it’s active. I’ll definitely look into adding them for a round 2 buy if it occurs.

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Does that code also work on KBDfans’ site?

I’m in! Can’t wait!

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@hineybush Do you have a discount code for mykeyboard.eu?

The code only works on my site, I don’t believe the other vendors have similar stuff set up.


Taobao GB link:


Corresponding Superbuy link:


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irl daylight pics bc some people were complaining

OG/GMK Kekkon Dolch on top, Slate in the middle, GMK Muted on the bottom


Looks amazing. Really looking forward to this thing launching.


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I was several tequilas deep when I wrote that… Woke up this morning and realized I’ve already purchased a set lol.