[GB] EnjoyPBT Slate


Hi. Finally launching the group buy for EPBT Slate.

Start: Dec. 27, 2018
End: Jan. 26, 2019

The keysets will ship to buyers in April.

Original IC: https://www.keebtalk.com/t/ic-enjoypbt-slate/
Project page: https://hineybush.com/epbt-slate/


NA: Hineybush Keyboards
EU: MyKeyboard.eu
Rest of world: KBDFans

Will update with links once the buy is live.

Pricing (USD):
Base kit: $100
Accent kit: $20
Spacebar kit: $18
International kit: $20
Ortho 40’s kit: $20

Imgur Album of Kits (also avail on the project page linked above)

This is Slate.

The name Slate is a reference to both the color of the set and the fact that you can mix and match this set with others for unique looks. Using the shades between 9009/Muted/OG Cherry sets and the Dolch family, this GMK keyset provides a rock solid base on which to customize.

Alongside EnjoyPBT Slate we’ll be offering PB modifiers.

PB draws its inspiration from the mid-90’s Packard Bell logo:

Color Codes:

  • Base: Pantone Cool Grey 8 CP
  • Mods: Pantone Cool Grey 10 XGC
  • Legends: Black


I love everything about this, the price, the compability (i hope future enjoypbt sets will also feature ISO), the international kit, the windowed keys … Now I wish I handn’t pulled the trigger on GMK hyperfuse origins just the other day, because I’d be sooo in for this and now I can’t really justify buying another keycap set :confused:

Best of luck with the GB!


Annnnd ordered.


Joined. :money_with_wings:


Joined via mykeyboard.eu.


Aww, fuck it. Joined via mykeyboard.eu … Now I’ve got two keycap sets incoming without a board to put them on, is this what the rabbithole looks like?


Can’t wait to get this in hand!


1/3 to MOQ :slight_smile:

Reminder that there’s less than a week to use code LETSGO2019 for $5 off the base kit.


A very good-looking set! Congrats! Now, just a questio. Since ya’all who fortunately have included an International Set - much appreciated - could you please, PLEASE, include the very few keys for the Portuguese (pt_PT) layout? It’s only an hand full of keycaps to join the bunch. ThKU for your attention.


Thanks for the input, but it’s too late to change the kits for the current buy since it’s active. I’ll definitely look into adding them for a round 2 buy if it occurs.


Does that code also work on KBDfans’ site?


I’m in! Can’t wait!


@hineybush Do you have a discount code for mykeyboard.eu?


The code only works on my site, I don’t believe the other vendors have similar stuff set up.




Taobao GB link:


Corresponding Superbuy link:



irl daylight pics bc some people were complaining

OG/GMK Kekkon Dolch on top, Slate in the middle, GMK Muted on the bottom


Looks amazing. Really looking forward to this thing launching.




I was several tequilas deep when I wrote that… Woke up this morning and realized I’ve already purchased a set lol.