[GB] EnjoyPBT Slate

perfect, lmao

ty mr janglad



Think I’m going in for a 2nd set.

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how are we doing for moq? are we on track?


Need about ~20 orders to hit the buy-out point for us. I’m willing to extend the GB an extra week.

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@hineybush hey, is there a way to get a second 2.25 shift in gray for the clueboard? I have base and accents kits ordered, but it still would be cool to be able to make a monochrome layout

I didn’t realize there was a moq for this. What will happen if the buy-out point isn’t reached? Does this extend to others running the buy like KBDfans (not sure if calling them a proxy is correct)?

It’ll be good, due to some commitments I’ve received from a few community members! I’ve also extended the GB end date by a week, until February 3.


Awesome. I want to purchase through you (already did I should say), but not miss the GB window elsewhere if it fell apart – this set is too good.

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Please do not forget adding portuguese PT to your next international kit drop, ok? ThkU!

MOQ is safely within reach.


WOOO. Can’t wait!

GB pricing ends in one week (Feb 3, 2019), then pre-order price will kick in. Get it while you can!


Only just noticed this on the kbdfans website:

glad to see things are moving forward, can’t wait to get mine!

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hi, sorry for no updates. forgot I had a thread on here tbh lol.

sets are shipping out currently. I plan to have all of my orders and KBDFans’ US orders out by this weekend, or Monday.

extras will go on sale next week, I’ll announce the time/day here beforehand.


any info on mykeyboard.eu orders?

I believe they are shipping currently as well.

All slate group buy orders are shipped at this time. Extras will go up for sale tomorrow, Sunday May 5 at 5:00 PM EST