[GB] EnjoyPBT Slate


amazing! Will it be sold at your website or kbdfans’s?


My site. There’s still a decent number available.


Nice, I just pick up a set and accents. Doesn’t even look like GMK olivia!


Slate on a No1 TKL with and without accents.


Looks great! Can’t wait to get my set.


I am aware of an issue with the 6.5u spacebars not existing ( I didn’t realize when checking the numbers and shipping, I apologize ) as well as some instances of people getting the wrong profile of an alpha key. Let me know if this happens to you either via PM or email at hineybushkeyboards@gmail.com and I can remedy the issue. I’m hoping to get a reply from KBDFans about the 6.5u spacebars soon, and that will likely be an opt-in thing if you really need them.


how the heck does THAT happen?


No ISO enters in my set, so it’s unusabloe to me at the moment. Had ordered from mykeyboard.eu. Hopefully this can get fixed?


Did you check for the second base kit bag? It was split into two by KBDfans because the set wouldn’t fit in the one larger bag.


only got one bag of base. seems the one with the ISO enters did not find it’s way to me.


Yep, I confirmed with MKEU today that they didn’t realize the base kit came in two parts. They’re sending out the second bag to all affected orders.


Hey @hineybush, Sherry from KBDfans told me there was going to be an emergency production run of Slate because of issues with the initial product. Only once this extra is completed, will my set be shipped.

Are you aware of this? Do you know what’s the new ETA?


Good to hear this, as I was affected by this, too… just sent MKEU an e-mail, hopefully I’ll get the other bag soon