[GB] GMK Metaverse


I am so glad this is happening!


Thanks, we are doing quite well with sales right now as well! So hopefully we hit all those higher MOQ’s and the set gets cheaper!


Quick question, is there any reason why the R3 UK-ISO caps don’t have hiragana legends on them?


The molds for those don’t exist since Laser didn’t have them made.


Okay, but then why do the R1 UK-ISO keys have them then? They weren’t made in Laser either.


I will need to double check on that since I’m not completely certain about those at the moment.


Thanks for the reply!


Hey, wondering if you ever got an answer on this?


Unfortunately I have been absolutely mobbed this week with IRL stuff so I’ve not even had time to think about how much time I didn’t have until earlier today. I’ll see about checking on this information in the next few days.


That’s no problem at all, IRL stuff is always ahead of hobbies. As long as I know by the end of the group buy you can take your time :slight_smile:


I absolutely love this set, and am looking forward every day to it! I would highly recommend checking out the discord, its an awesome community and you get quick updates, and possible new surprises for the future :slight_smile:


Base - 124/150
Spacebar - 33/100
Grey - 38/100
Novelties - 69/100
Rama Red/Black - 61/50
Rama Polished - 25/50

This is with the proxies updating about a week ago.

by donutcat


Just so everyone is aware, I announced a new giveaway with the GB sales last night.

For the Novelties, once we reach MOQ, I will be giving away the set / slaps of Justine and Caroline to a random order.

For the Grey Kit, once we reach MOQ, I will be giving away custom grey/black wrist rest!

We also made new renders of the set on a Noxary 280, and 220 last night on stream.

Be sure to check out the VOD for more details!
Lets Thock! Episode #2


Did you ever get anything about the ISO hiragana legends?


From @donutcat
Base – 183/250
– 150 – $160
– 250 – $145

Spacebar – 50/100
– 100 – $54
– 150 – $48
– 250 – $42

Grey – 49/100
– 100 – $58
– 150 – $53
– 250 – $49

Novelties – 100/150
– 100 – $70
– 150 – $58
– 250 – $48



Novelties good to go? heck yeah!


From @Dead_Encryption

GMK Metaverse GB has hit MOQ with base kit!

we have decided to extend the GB to the end of August to give more people an opportunity


Apologies for never responding to this, I’ve just been plastered with work and IRL stuff so my time to keep up with stuff on the forums has been at a minimum. From what I can see we did not have the legends on the ISO keys when we submitted them to GMK, but I will be looking into what it’ll take to have them on their since there will be other sets to use them in the future.


Last day, is there any update on the MOQs? I don’t think the site has been updated yet. I’m in for the base + novelties since I needed a reason to jump on GMK set after being an ePBT whore


Current numbers, which might be a bit higher since I’m waiting on final update from the proxies while my page is still open until at least midnight PST:

Base - 223
Spacebar - 55/100
Grey/Shadow - 57/100
Novelties - 113
Rama Red/Black - 104
Rama Polished - 40/50

Base kit had a huge push the past two days with over 20 orders in that time. Spacebars and Grey/Shadow could use a bit of a hand getting where they need to be, though. I’ll be talking with GMK about getting them made even if they don’t quite hit, but if you’re at all interested in them then now is the time to act! Novelties are good to go along with the red/black Rama-sans. Polished Rama-sans could use a bit of a hand too but they’re nearly there.

We’ve got just a bit more to go here, so hopefully with the updated proxy numbers we can get those kits the numbers they really deserve! We’re also super close to the 250 price drop point, so keep that in mind too as you consider ordering!