[GB] GMK Metaverse


Just a quick update, invoices might not be going out from me quite yet. After hearing back from the proxies our numbers on the Space and Grey kits are enough that we’re gonna crunch some numbers together and see if we can jointly push those kits to MOQ. I definitely think it’s worth the time/effort to try and push them since that will reduce the number of drops from people that ordered them and reduce the risk of other kits running into number issues as a side effect. I’m also awaiting a response from GMK that may also help those kits.


Hello everyone! As donut said we are figuring out / giving it 110% to make sure we can get all kits at MOQ. So please be patient and we will let you all know ASAP. :sunglasses:


Hmmm. Do I get GMK Metaverse, GMK Monochrome, and GMK Modern Dolch this month then? :thinking:

This month is getting too expensive -_-


Lots of summer Block Busters this year! I say go for it and worry about it next month!


All! All my Boi!


Too much month at the end of the keycap budget? :stuck_out_tongue:


GMK got back to us and they are willing to run the Spacebar and Grey/Shadow kits even though they only hit about 60 units each.


Happy New Year!

Sorry for not being able to update on the forums lately as I have been on a bit of sabbatical due to our family having another baby. However, I wanted to update everyone that the sets are in vendors hands and we are only waiting on the Rama Caps to arrive so we can pack orders correctly and appropriately. I am hoping the sets will be shipping by mid-late January. I am active off and on via my discord channel so please feel free to join to ask me any direct questions. Thanks!




Wow, the set came out perfect @Dead_Encryption! Really bummed I had to pass on this one, damn bills need to learn how to pay themselves LOL! Seriously though the set looks awesome & I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for extras or someone selling their sets when I got the loot for it.


I just wanted to let everyone know that today, the Missing `@ key was brought to my attention. I was not aware of its removal and am working on finding out what happened.


So it would appear that I personally made a bit of an oversight concerning the ISO keys back when the set was being ordered. Several people at the time were complaining that none of the available R3 ISO keys in the set would match the rest of the set with sublegends. I talked with GMK about it, and given that the |\ key is the only one with a sublegend, I was given the choice to change one of the other R3 keys with that one for no change in set price. As I didn’t realize that some ISO layouts actually use both of the keys, mostly because there are lots of sets that only give one or the other, I figured that would be the right choice to give those complaining the chance to use a wrong legend key to get the sublegend, and(incorrectly) thinking that “normal” ISO users would be unaffected by the change of keys. What compounded the issue was that, between dealing with the MOQ issues of the child kits and the largest number of invoice-dodgers in a buy I’ve run to date, I apparently never posted the updated mockup I was given that showed this change so no one else was made aware of the change.

I do sincerely apologize for these oversights and the effect they’ve had on those who have bought the set who needed the missing key. I will be getting in touch with GMK and seeing if there is any way that I can possibly get ahold of some of the missing key in order to send to the affected ISO users.


So I noticed my set never came with the R3 Pg Up or R4 Pg Dn :frowning: They were on all the renders for the GB so I was happy to finally be able to have my preferred nav row but I had to harvest them from my JTK WoB set


That must be a packaging mistake as I know I have my R4 pgdn, and I think I have the R3 pgup as well. Maybe contact donutcables (or whoever your proxy was)


Thanks, good to know that I was right about the R3/R4 keys, but I’m pretty upset that I got the wrong ones