[GB] GMK Metaverse


Just a quick update, invoices might not be going out from me quite yet. After hearing back from the proxies our numbers on the Space and Grey kits are enough that we’re gonna crunch some numbers together and see if we can jointly push those kits to MOQ. I definitely think it’s worth the time/effort to try and push them since that will reduce the number of drops from people that ordered them and reduce the risk of other kits running into number issues as a side effect. I’m also awaiting a response from GMK that may also help those kits.


Hello everyone! As donut said we are figuring out / giving it 110% to make sure we can get all kits at MOQ. So please be patient and we will let you all know ASAP. :sunglasses:


Hmmm. Do I get GMK Metaverse, GMK Monochrome, and GMK Modern Dolch this month then? :thinking:

This month is getting too expensive -_-


Lots of summer Block Busters this year! I say go for it and worry about it next month!


All! All my Boi!


Too much month at the end of the keycap budget? :stuck_out_tongue:


GMK got back to us and they are willing to run the Spacebar and Grey/Shadow kits even though they only hit about 60 units each.