[GB] GMK Metaverse


Welcome Back to the Velvet Room!

I am thou, thou art I…

Hey! Glad you made it! If you’ve come this far, no point in telling you what needs to be done! We’ve gotta get this set moving, and fast!

Everything has been finalized and images of the set are below. The group buy launches on 07/16/18! Check out the links below to order depending on your designated areas.


First 50 Orders from here get a Free Metaverse SLAP!



Here are the MOQ’s we’ve gotta hit to save some cash!

MOQ 150 - BASE = 160$
MOQ 250 - BASE = 145$


MOQ 100 - GREY = 58$
MOQ 150 - GREY = 53$
MOQ 250 - GREY = 49$

MOQ 100 - SPACE = 54$
MOQ 150 - SPACE = 48$
MOQ 250 - SPACE = 42$

Here are the MOQ’s for the Rama Cap Artisans

Red Anodized “Meta”

MOQ 50 = 36$

Black Anodized “Meta”

MOQ 50 = 36$

Raw Aluminum Polished “Meta”

MOQ 50 = 38$

As promised, here are the set renders from GMK / UNIQEY!

Keycap Box Art

People have been asking, so here is an live photo / example of the slaps!

New Renders:

If you guys have any other questions, you can reach me by joining the discord!


Oh hell yes.


Can’t wait to buy my set! Going to look great on my black on black with red plate Dolinger!


am I an idiot or is there no link to buy GMK Metaverse on Donutcables? I can’t find it.


The group buy launches on 7/16, but the link to the interest check is https://donutcables.com/gmk-metaverse-ic/


i love Persona5 :fox_face:


I love you dead…


Love this, but I can’t hang with the kana sub-legends. Good luck with the GB!


I feel obligated to get this set for the Tokyo60 ordered. They seem meant for each other.


Super pumped. I’ll definitely join this!


It’ll be up Monday at the latest, the site is still being worked on after that serious crash late last week.


Absolute yes!


Kreygasm. Can’t wait


I love this but no R2 pgup and R3 pgdn?


You might like GMK Monochrome then.


Gl with the GB @Dead_Encryption <3


Im in for this and all the rama caps

EDIT: didnt realise the sub legends, ill probs skip the kit and just get the rama caps.


was kinda hoping those RAMA caps would be r4 to match the novelties.


Unfortunately Rama Caps only come in R1, I tried! trust me! lol


I never saw this comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin