[IC] GMK Monochrome

Snappo, Duckboi and I decided to create this new thread to mark the beginning of our collaboration as well as giving a fresh start to the keyset.

GMK Monochrome

This collaboration was first announced under the name Stormtrooper Redux. That said, after talking to GMK, and for licensing purposes, they asked us to check with Disney (or change it). Same goes for the novelties which is why we put them on pause. Novelty-wise, even if we got the approval from Disney, that kit would have a MOQ of 250 units and we are not sure we would reach it. Since we are slowly moving away from the theme, we decided to go back to monochrome :slight_smile: Sorry for all the confusion guys <2


Alphas: CR on WS2
Modifiers: WS2 on CR

Here are the final kits:

Core Kit

Extra Kit


I am an artisan lovers, and we decided we would keep the artisans.

  • Alphakeycaps is on board and there will be a raffle for his Jedi Blinker. We will produce around 10 of those and they will be raffled between GB participants.

  • RAMA offered to produce this beauty, a black anodised X or O keycap with laser edged white stars (subtle but stunning). Those keycap will thus come in either black ano only, for $36 each, or with laser etched stars (which I think look fan-tastic) for $38 each. (prices for Europe will be a little higher unfortunately due to import fees). There is a combined MOQ of 50 (which I am sure we will easily hit) and everyone can buy them and everyone can buy as many as they want…

Every person joining the the Stromtrooper Redux GB will be granted one unique entry into the raffles!

Vendors & Prices

Here are the prices:

| Vendors | Base kit (MOQ 150) | Compatibility kit (MOQ 150) | RAMA X/O | RAMA Laser-etched X/O
| MyKeyboard (EU) | 125€ | 36€ | 42€ | 44€
| KONO | $140 | $40 | $36 | $38
| zFrontier (Asia) | $140/$155 | $40/$45 | $36 | $38

1/ Please note that all their prices include shipping whilst that is not the case for other vendors.
2/ Prices on the left are for China, prices on the right are for the other countries (price difference explained by the difference in shipping costs)
3/ After discussing it with the EU vendor, we brought the price even more. We cannot do much more on it, so I hope that price works for you guys <3


Q: What kind of homing keys will this support?
A: The set includes both scooped and barred F & J keys.

Q: What will the pricing be like?
A: We are waiting to hear back from GMK for pricing.

Q: Why is ISO in the extras kit?
A: We have noticed that, for the most part, the majority of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts do not use ISO.
By taking these keys out of the base we can lower pricing for everyone else.
However, we aren’t opposed to combining the kits, or moving ISO to the base kit, if it does not increase the price by too much.

Q: Why Icon mods?
A: We think this looks cleanest and fits the vision of the set the best.


Here is an album with all the renders (some are not in this thread - come back from time to time, we’re keeping it updated)

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  • Nay

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08/07: put a pause on the novelty kit as long as we wait for an answer from Disney.
09/07: Name change
28/07: Kit update


Woop. Lets do this! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ready for this to get to GB!!


I’m pretty excited for this!


I’m personally really not a fan of the name change because this makes it sound a lot more similar to GMK Stormtrooper than it actually is.


I’m in.

KMK Labs.


I really suggest keeping the split spacebars. Lots of people usually ask for them and it’s really not that much extra to support them.


that was in talk and we are indeed going to keep those! I will update the OP.

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Change the name.


Why do you want the name to be changed?

are the lovely novelty keys gone?

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Was happily following both, now I don’t have to shell out twice, happy man indeed, nice work all!


Looking good


It’s not that they are gone, but since we don’t know if we’ll have the right to make them or not, we pref to run the IC without them and add them back later if a miracle happens :slight_smile:


Any chance for an extra set with black on white mods to match the alphas?

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That isn’t something we have planned for the set, sorry about that. :+1:

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Really excited to see the two merged! I’m definitely interested.

A little nitpicky even if the novelties are pending on Disney, but wouldn’t the old Empire Stormtrooper design be more aligned with your Empire thematics over the First Order design you’ve submitted?

Edit: Also - another artisan to potentially reach out to would be Polysculpture/Clackeys as his TKey 421 is pretty fitting.


That would have to be changed, it has been pointed out on the original IC on GH. I will wait for Disney’s answer and if they give me the go I will change adapt the kit :slight_smile:

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well you really went and did it this time sunshine , it’s totally bloody awesome :sunglasses:

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Thanks :smile: