[GB] GMK ThinkCaps // Nov. 16 to Dec. 13, 2020


:red_circle: Welcome to the GMK ThinkCaps Group buy! :red_circle:

GMK ThinkCaps is a keycap set inspired by the classic ThinkPad and IBM/Lenovo Preferred Pro keyboards.

From Nov 16 to Dec. 13, 2020. ETA 28 weeks after PO.

Technical Specs

  • Cherry MX compatible
  • Cherry profile (112344)
  • Doubleshot ABS plastic
  • Manufactured by GMK electronic design GmbH in Germany


  • Covers TKL, 75%, 65% and 60% keyboards
  • Tsangan, HHKB, 1.75u Shift, and nav column
  • ISO-US support


  • Complete numpad kit (rare for GMK sets!)


  • Support for exotic 60% boards such as the Filco Minila, Alice, split spacebar, etc.
  • Additional “G-H-B” keys for TEX boards (for DIY modification)
  • Extra minibars for your ortho/40%


  • Icon modifiers (compatible with GMK Dolch and other N9 GMK sets)
  • Windows keys and 1.5u Meta (◇) keys


  • RGB modifiers (compatible with many other GMK sets)
  • Fits many layouts, including ortho and 40%; icon and icon+text


  • Features Dots (a @Biip design) ~TrackPoint style~
  • Media keys for your full-size board, 96-key or macro


  • Spacebars for Cherry G80-1800, HHKB and small keyboards
  • Perfect for adding colour to your set


  • Accents only for WoB, Hiragana, Dolch or other Cherry profile keyset (WS1 legends)


  • For British, Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian and Swedish layouts


Filco Majestouch with TEX case


Filco Minila Air

HHKB and Ducky Pocket

TEX Yoda II (requires DIY mod)


OLKB Planck and OTD Koala

Colour codes

  • Alphas: CR, CP legends
  • Modifiers: N9, blue (custom), CP legends
  • RGB modifiers: P3, N7, V4, CP legends
  • Accent kit only: blue (custom), WS1 legends

Samples: imgur link

Please leave your questions down below!

Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:


Love the red dot. Very clever. I’m sure this will sell big.

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this aint for me, but gl. Arent thinkpad keyboards all black? I don’t think I’ve used one more than a few years old, did the mods used to grey?

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I’m lovin’ the red dot/nub on the Alice 2nd B


They are indeed all black, which is why I’m not getting the Base Kit. Accent Kit + WoB would give you the closest look to an OG Thinkpad Keyboard.

Love this kit! I’m in, pending price. Great job on this kit and the renders!

Cheers :beers:


No. The ones mostly from the 2000’s era have the blue Enter key. The T420 is one of the most popular models and is still in use today by many. That’s just before the chiclet keyboard was introduced. In 2017, Lenovo released the T25 anniversary edition, which had the much revered blue Enter key and 7-row (non-chiclet) keyboard.

Many of the IBM models (before Lenovo) had the grey F-row. The IBM/Lenovo multimedia keyboards also had the grey F-row and modifiers.

I stand corrected. There indeed are Thinkpad keyboards with a completely gray F row, and even some gray navigation keys (Insert, Delete, Home, End, PgUp, PgDn). Gray “Esc” as well.

@voodoo6k Would it be possible to add a completely gray F row to one of the kits? Maybe to the Novelties kit? That way we could get something as close as possible to an OG Thinkpad keyboard.

The base kit currently has gray F keys only on F5 through F8.


its funny how much I love this set, even though I despise ABS. I can definitely consider this set as something I might get if the price is good. I’ll be keeping an eye on this for sure


Will there be G H B cutouts? I believe GMK has the molds.

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Looking into it :wink:

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Doing the F-row and nav keys in grey was my original idea, but it gets a bit tricky when designing the kits. I think some people would appreciate the authenticity, but I guess most will take it at face value (and not really care what the reference is). Also, since this is GMK, having many kits is more difficult.

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Like it, if there is an ISO support, i can be in :slight_smile:

Oh that’s hot!


reminds me of my old ThinkPad…nice design

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Nice set! I appreciate the key sizes in the pictures. Do you do your own renders? These are super nice.

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Thanks! Yes :slight_smile:

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For now, ISO is included in the icon mods. That may change.

Going with the theme I’m pretty sure my old thinkpad keyboard got some pretty intense keycap shine over the course of its life. So ABS would be the way to go.

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That’s sad. Unfortunately, I happen to be one that looks for authenticity in these kind of reproductions of classic key sets.

I might be in the minority, though.