[GB] grid 600 group buy is here. Updates!

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Here is an update of what’s going on,


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3 days left for GB :slight_smile:

FYI, the PCB for the “PRESS” will have SMD RGB support.


I am thrilled to share a photo taken by friends in zFrontier.

There are also some upgrades to the design as well.

The most significant upgrade is that the center support post is now a removable piece. By keeping it or removing it, you can choose between an original"rigid" setup or a flexible “gentle” setup.

Foam pads will be provided for free, and you can put them underneath your PCB in a center post-less setup. They will work as dampening and noise-absorbing material.

I also redesigned the battery compartment. It is now 215 x 55 x 3mm (or 8.46 x 2.16 x 0.12 inches) without the removable center post. With it, the left side of the battery compartment is 85mm ( or 3.35 inches) in length, and the right one is 114mm ( or 4.49 inches).

These upgrades will be free for everyone join our zFrontier group buy. : )
The link is here FYI and the group buy is ending soon: https://en.zfrontier.com/products/grid600

Also, grid’s website is coming: www.gridisher!


[Original Post]

grid 600 is a GH60 keyboard chassis featuring a 5.5° fixed angle, a battery compartment for potential wireless setup, high grit bead-blasted aluminum parts, and interchangeable cover modules.

Recent images and renderings:

  1. White samples, Type 02 “NEON”, and Type 04 “FLASH”
  2. Black samples, Type 01 “CLASSIC”, TYPE 03 “PEAKS”, and Type 05 “Press”

Chassis information:
Chassis will be available in two finishes: high grit bead-blasted then black anodized, or fine white power coated. They look equally beautiful to my eye.

  1. Support most 60% PCB with standard GH60 mounting holes.
  2. Reserved battery compartment (100x50x3mm)
  3. 5.5° fixed angle
  4. USB-C daughter board and adapter cables for USB-C, micro USB and mini USB for easier cable connection and even more PCB support

Module information:
All modules will be available in Black, Green, Purple and Rose Gold.

  1. Type 01 “CLASSIC”: A regular, “Model F”-inspired flat top.
  2. Type 02 “NEON”: Type 01 with three Swiss made self-luminous tritium vials. (Red, Green, Blue) (not available in u.s.)
  3. Type 03 “PEAKS”: Form inspired by mountains.
  4. Type 04 “FLASH”: Flat top with programmable RGB lighting.
  5. Type 05 “PRESS”: With four extra programmable Keys. QMK compatible.
  6. Type 06 “PAPER”*: With a 2 inch E-ink Paper. (Raspberry Pi Zero would fit in).

*Note that Type 06 “PAPER” will not be available in this group buy due to two reasons:
a. During our survey, it is not as popular as Type 04 “FLASH” or Type 05 “PRESS.”
b. The electronics development of Type 06 falls behind the others due to both hardware and interface are required to be developed, which takes more time.
More info of module Type 06 will be released after the group buy is finished.

Group buy information:

  1. GB will be on zFrontier, links here https://en.zfrontier.com/products/grid600
  2. Will go live on Aug 7th 0:00 PDT
  3. More information will be available on zFrontier as well.

Thanks to all people help this GB to come to live!


Very nice and thank you for spreading the word!

Some kind disappointed, not offering a complete f-row if desired, would have been an instant buy.


I think this looks outstanding, and I love the low degree angle.

Wow I really like this case! Very innovative & beautifully design IMO. Gonna have to to see if the batch of XD60 V.3.0 PCBs I got coming from Desk Candy will work with this case, if it does I’m definitely in for at least one! :metal:

Love the look of this - I just wish that the modules were available in the same white finish as the case.


Is there any plan to bring this GB to a US retailer?

Also, those options / modules look really cool.

Wow this is incredible. I really like the curvy edges and colours available. Some unique ideas here too for a very reasonable price!

why not just join the GB on zfrontier?

My experience with zFrontier has been awesome. Very friendly and helpfull people.
I had joined a gb at the beginning of the year, which should have been delivered April/May.
Asked two weeks ago what happened/delivery delay.
Got an answer, usual problems that can occur, should arrive at their place three days later.
Four days later, Monday morning, shipping note, Wednesday morning delivered at my doorstep from China to Germany, no extra cost and no customs (saved me $100), happy guy :slight_smile:

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This in “white powder coated” + Signature Plastics SA “Honeywell” = Heaven :heart_eyes:


I was worried that the shipping might be a little bonkers, but after reviewing the GB more carefully, it looks like it is included in the cost.

With that concern taken care of, my secondary concern is that I’ve never actually built my own board before, and I am not sure I want to start with something that costs as much as this does. It is cool AF, mind you, but that is another issue entirely.

Don’t worry about never building before. If you screw it up, you’re only out a plate and PCB. You can always grab another and try again. Heck, you can probably just buy a used Pok3r off of r/mm and drop it in here for an extra $50-$60 if needed.

I’ve purchased quite a lot of things from zfrontier, and I’ve always had a good experience. The only problem I’ve seen in the past is their GMK sets generally don’t have as much compatibility as some might like, but that’s changed in recent times.


This is an incredibly well priced case imo so if you are at all interested I’d get in on the gb. The nice thing is it’s compatible with many PCBs so you can easily swap it out if you mess up or you want to change layouts later on.

It can seem daunting as a first build but I’d really encourage you to try it! We are here if you have any questions along the way!

What are you guys eyeing? I think the white with the led stripe across the top looks outstanding. I’m just not sure about powder coating. Even when it’s good, it’s still not perfect.

also, a question for @gridishere:

I love the artistic quality of the photo shoots, but is there any way we can get a shot of the side of the case in focus so that we can see the detail? I’d like to see how the curves look in focus

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If I was getting one it would be the white body black top with either led strip or classic.

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I really like the white with LED stripe, too. I think it would look really good with white or black blanks.

I didn’t want the neon module until I found out they can’t ship it to the US. Now I must have it!


White base, black top. Most likely getting the classic or neon if they can ship to the US and maybe a led strip too.


Thanks, not sure if I entirely entireunderstand your request, does that mean you want see the sideview of the case?

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yes, a side view like this:

but with the edges in focus. On this one, the front edge is in focus, but I can’t see the contour of the bevel on the side edges b/c they are out of focus.

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