[GB] grid 600 group buy is here. Updates!


There you go. Side view in focus.


Holy shit, I was kind of on the fence about this, but that white + rose gold…Wow. Now I have to decide if I want a black or purple classic OR purple peaks even though I’ll probably never use them. lol What do you guys think I should get?


When in doubt, always go black. I’ve never once regretted a black or gray or silver case. I have several others in red, green, purple, orange, blue… I sometimes regret having spent the money on them :frowning:

I mean, sure they can look cool with the right keycap set, but they don’t say “classic.” That white with black top is pretty classy. It’s like the james bond tux.


did you ever figure if neon will be shipping to the usa cause i bought a couple moduels in neon and im in the us? if i cant get them with the vials its fine i can source them my self there sold everywhere.


You can contact zFrontier to get a special version of Type 02 “NEON,” which will ship without the tritium vials. It would be cheaper too, $35 in fact.


What are the size of the tritium vials?


I am so sorry that I missed your post. It is 2mm in diameter and 12mm in length.


Bumping this up :slight_smile: 3 days left!


I ordered the black version a while ago, but I couldn’t resist ordering a white one as well. Got the Flash module and a couple of colors of the Classic. Really looking forward to these!


Thank you for your support!!


grabbed a white case at the open of the gb so i grabbed a couple more mods for it thanks for the awesome case!
cant wait.


Any idea on where I could grab some vials to use for the neon attachment in the US? I copped the flash one as it was a close second.


The removable center post is a big win for Katana60 users!


Damn, I missed out on this!


Couldn’t agree more!, would have looked so clean.


was the tritium vial issue ever solved or will there be a round of refunds coming for US buyers?


Refunds for the tritium vials should go out soon :slight_smile: lots of orders to go through…


Can’t wait for this. Will be my endgame for sure.
Do you think there’s opportunity for more module colours and styles in the future?


Any updates? Does it look like these will be on schedule?


It looks like it’s going to be a little late.

Grid600 by grid
Order submitted. Do expect a slight delay.