[GB] grid 600 group buy is here. Updates!


5 weeks and counting without an update, afaik. Would love to hear some good news soon :slight_smile:


There is an update, please check:

Thank you~


Thanks for the update! If you have any rough estimates of completion & shipping, please share :smiley:


Of course! The shipping will happen between Dec 2018 and Jan 2019. We are pushing our vendor but quality is the first concern.


That’s great - thank you for prioritizing quality - quality is more important than speed!


Agree! Still, it’s nice to get more frequent updates and behind-the-scenes shots of prototypes, etc.


Oh man if it gets here before Christmas I’d flip. Thanks for the updates!


When the R1 is complete. Will you consider a R2? :wink:


Glad to hear some updates on this. Thanks for the posts on the modules!

Do you have an estimated time for how long shipping will take to get to the US?


Can we get a status update?


I just checked the grid site and it says they are ready for shipping! They have a few photos of the boxes and things. Not sure when this update went up.



Oh man! That has to have been posted in the last 24 hours; I’m pretty sure I just checked their site yesterday afternoon!


Ahhh, pretty hyped, the pics in the update look clean af.


Hey guys, what are some of the features people look for in 60% pcbs? This will be my first 60 and I could use some info.


Can you explain why its good for the Katana60?


If you don’t know how to solder and aren’t too keen on learning how/dont want to buy everything you need to start soldering then you should probably get a hotswap pcb. KBDFans has a few to choose from. RGB is pretty nice if you’re into that, underglow wouldn’t prove very useful for this particular case thought since it’s not clear underneath.


Bout to go plateless and turn this baby into a trampoline :sunglasses:

Is this going to be shipped via e-package?


It’s my first 60, not my first build. I was looking at the d760 but yeah no need for underglow. I’m more interested in my options for programming. I’ve only ever used the qmk configurator.


Because the Katana60 has issues interfering with center posts in standard tray mount keyboards.


Just got tracking notification yesterday. I’m located in the Southern part of the US and ETOD is Feb 5th.