[GB] grid 600 group buy is here. Updates!


Wow, so how are they sending these?


They are shipping them DHL. I was very surprised.


I haven’t heard anything about my orders but I’m very interested to see how yours looks!


Looks like you were one of the lucky ones that got theirs before Chinese new year. I too am interested to see how they look when they arrive.


Here is a teaser… I need to get some switches so I can make the build…


Got mine today :+1:


These look pretty slick!


They forgot to put the rubber feet in my box. Did they forget yours too?


Oh wow…
Haven’t seen any white ones yet, maybe that’s why I haven’t got a delivery notification just yet :’(
So hyped, these look great.


These look so cool, I’m so hyped for mine. Gutted I have to wait till after Chinese new year.


Mine had the rubber feet already attached to the case


Here’s a shot of the case with Pulse


That is super sexy




One more shot with the light strip on.



Just came across this on the Chinese ZFrontier site, making me really worried for when my white one shows up.


i hope an r2 comes soon :frowning:


Here is my built board!


Wow, that’s really cool looking