[GB] grid 600 group buy is here. Updates!


Are these being shipped in batches? I don’t have a notification for mine.


They said most would go out after Chinese New Year. I’m still waiting to hear anything.


Just got a message from Zfrontier saying that while they have already shipped 70% of Grid 600 orders, they are having to delay shipping of some of the white powdercoated cases due to quality issues. They gave a list of the last 4 digits of the delayed orders and it looks like roughly 30 orders are being delayed. I ordered one of the black and one of the white cases, but didn’t see my order numbers in the list, so am hoping I am okay. I have emailed them to see if I can get tracking info.

Sucks about the delay, but at least they are taking responsibility for the quality issues.


Yeah, I ordered white and am on the list. I’m bummed about the delay but glad they’re ensuring I get the product I paid for. Hope it doesn’t take too long to refinish :pray:


Turns out my orders were in fact delayed despite not being on the list, but they said they would look into sending the black one separately, since those ones are apparently fine.


I’m glad they are sorting the quality issues, even if it means more of a delay, some of the pictures of white chassis with defects are pretty bad. I’d really irritated if mine turned up with the same defects.


[More photos here.]

I ordered both the white and black versions of the Grid 600 because I couldn’t decide between them. I recently got the black one in, but many of the white powdercoated ones have been delayed due to quality issues, mine included. Overall, I would say the quality on these is extremely high. The aluminum parts all seem to be very clean, and the case itself is extremely heavy and solid feeling. There’s no hollow sound at all when typing as far as I can tell, unlike some of the metal cases I have used in the past. They included some nice sound dampening material inside that seems to do the job well.

I ordered the FLASH version with the LED light strip, and unfortunately it seems like mine may be defective. It just shines white all the time, and pressing the buttons on the back do nothing. So I can’t change the color, effect, or even turn off the light. I contacted Zfrontier and it seems like they will be able to get a replacement if we can’t find another solution.

For now I am using the “Classic” module that doesn’t have any extra features. I ordered two of these: the black and green ones, and while the black one looks good, the green one doesn’t look much like the prototype photo at all. If anything, I think it’s more of a blue color. (Here is a shot of mine.) I was hoping to coordinate it with a keyset that has green in it, but this won’t work for that at all. So while the case is great, the modules seem like they could use a little work.

I’m not sure what keyset I’m going to ultimately use with this case, but since I had Maxkey SA White on Black on hand, I thought I would give it a try. It looks good, but I think maybe a lower profile keyset like something in Cherry profile might look best with this case.

Despite a few issues, I’m very happy with the case overall. It feels great to type on and looks very cool as well. I just hope they can help me out with the FLASH module and maybe do something about the “green” module as well.


Looks sick.


That looks stellar. Sad I missed this GB.


I’m disappointed in the delay, but if it means a better quality white case, it’s worth it.
Glad to hear such positive things from those that have received them.


If anyone is looking to part with their grid let me know… thanks…


I’d be interested to hear what people’s thoughts are about the various modules. As I mentioned above, my experience has been a bit mixed with them since my FLASH doesn’t work properly and my green CLASSIC is actually a bluish silver (although I’m starting to think it might work as a match with Nautilus Nightmares…) Are all the “green” modules the same color as mine? And how are the PRESS and PEAKS modules in general?


Fitment is perfect but the ano isn’t great. The purple is brighter than expected and there’s visible color banding in both black and purple. I also don’t really like the color combos with the white case. I am going to Cerakote mine.


Zfrontier/Grid have already sent me a new PCB for my FLASH module, so fingers crossed that will solve the issue when it arrives.


Those weren’t the prototype photos, or even the anodizing example photos. You’re looking at the renders made for GMK Terminal to show off the Grid600 case. Unfortunately everywhere on the store page leads you to think it will be that green, but if you looked at the proto pics, they have that green/blue. Zfrontier sucks heh.


Prototype was the wrong word — they are clearly renders. But I don’t recall seeing any annodization prototype pictures, and I’ve been trying to stay up to date on this group buy as much as possible. Where were they posted?


I must have been looking at one of the renders on my phone thinking they were a prototype.


This is the color? https://i.redd.it/fyl5f5lgukf21.jpg

That actually would be quite nice with the white case. If anyone wants a purple PRESS or black CLASSIC I would color-swap you for the green (blue-green?) :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, I received the replacement PCB, but it turns out it’s just the bare PCB and I would have to solder the button switches to the board to get it to work. Since I have never soldered anything, this is a bit of a problem. Am I out of line to expect something I could just drop in with a few screws? And yes, I should probably take this as an opportunity to learn to solder. Any recommendations for cheap/good equipment?


Yes, sorry you found out this way. Many group buys are indeed kits that you build yourself. There are services out there on reddit’s mechmarket where peeps are willing to solder for you for a decent price. It’s really not too difficult and is part of the addiction. Ventilation is very important. You don’t want to be breathing in the smoke from soldering. Shoot… I will solder for you for a flash module! It really isn’t too bad. I know it looks intimidating at first glance.