[GB] grid 600 group buy is here. Updates!


I really do think I should learn how to solder (one of my other hobbies is 3D printing, and being able to solder would also be handy there for making repairs on printers). Not to derail the thread, but I was just now looking at the TS-80 portable soldering iron and I wasn’t sure what shape tip would be best for this kind of thing (both soldering the microswitches to the FLASH PCB and soldering switches to a keyboard PCB).


I was in the same spot about a year ago - I got a 20 soldering kit from amazon and it works well. I also got a DZ60 PCB - which is a standard 60% pcb from kbdfans (~35).


Please excuse the photo quality, but I just wanted to report that I was successful in repairing my FLASH module! I bought a soldering iron and managed to solder the microswitches to the new PCB that ZFrontier sent me with nothing more than a few YouTube tutorials under my belt, and it is now working perfectly. Some of the effects are pretty cool, and others seem… less cool. But it’s great to finally have it working. I was able to get a green color that is a very good match for the under-key backlighting that is already on this board.