[GB] grid 600 group buy is here. Updates!

I’ve been checking the Zfrontier site periodically to see if they have listed the modules for sale as mentioned above, and today I see that the Grid 600 pages are no longer on the English site at all. They give a 404 error. Doesn’t seem super promising, unless they are in the process of redoing the page to offer the modules. Not sure if I’m being too optimistic or not.

Just got an email from grid saying that the modules should be going up on the site today. I’ll post when/if that happens, but quantities should be very limited so I would recommend being ready if you want to get anything.

And here they are. Surprisingly, they even have some of the Grid 600 cases as well as the top modules.

Grid 600 case: https://en.zfrontier.com/products/grid600s
Grid 600 modules: https://en.zfrontier.com/products/grid600ms

I bought black FLASH and PRESS modules. It’s likely that I will end up using the FLASH on both of my boards in the end, but I wanted to try the PRESS.

It says that FLASH and PRESS come with a pcb. How does that work? I assume it’s a smaller pcb to just drive the lights or extra keys? I don’t have a Grid 600, but I’m really interested in picking one up.

The PCB is integrated into the aluminum module, and plugs into the little PCB that is inside the Grid 600 case (which is also where your keyboard PCB connects).

Ahh ok, I just looked up a video of someone assembling theirs. That’s really cool. Thanks!

Does anyone know of any in-hand photos of the black or purple PEAKS modules?

I decided to try sanding one of my black modules and I think it turned out really well. I used progressively finer grained sandpaper (up to 1500 since that was all I had), and then used some Mother’s Mag & Aluminum polish to polish it up. It’s difficult to photograph reflective things, but it’s what I would call a semi-mirror finish.


That looks great, man.

This is very cool. I think an entire board like that would be great too.

I would like to see that, but it would probably be a real fingerprint magnet.

It’s too bad they didn’t offer the modules in white

I agree, but I think the reason for that was that the white powder coating adds more thickness than anodizing, which could have made the modules not fit properly.

Good point–the black was done via anodization.

There is a GB for a Bluetooth 60% PCB right now!

This could be great for the Grid…

Anyone know what battery we should buy to fit inside the Grid??

Will it work with a thick metal case like the Grid? I thought that typically causes too much interference.

I think it could work although range would probably be reduced. They included a section in the case that could be used for a battery.

Well, it took well over a month, which was much longer than I had expected, but the modules I ordered from Zfrontier will finally be arriving on Monday. I ordered a Press module and another Flash module. In hindsight I’m not sure why I ordered a second Flash module, since I don’t think I will be using Flash modules on both of my boards simultaneously. If anyone is interested in trading my Flash for your Peaks I might be interested, depending on color.

My only real complaint about this board is that the modules should be easier to change out, so you would be more likely to want to change things up.

Hey Guys, pretty late, but here’s a picture of my Grid with the classic module and GMK Serika.


Oh damn that’s sick. Would have never thought to combine that color way