[GB] KBDfans Vulcan MAJA v2

Seriously thinking about picking up the MAJA v2 tomorrow when the group buy opens. It seems like a solid board for the price. Any red flags I’m missing?

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I’m currently typing on mine (extras from R1) - no complaints at all!

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Glad to hear that!

I will say, I did not particularly enjoy typing on the included brass plate. I got an aftermarket FR4 plate for it and the combo is beautiful.

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Was it a sound issue with the brass plate or lack of flex or something else that you didn’t like? Did you have any issues with the typing angles (both for the case itself or the angle of the split)?

the case is pretty raised because of the thickness, but I don’t mind the angle itself (I have KAT keycaps on mine right now). for the plate, it was mostly the sound/reverb that was a little too thin for my liking (the maja typing experience is very stiff which I am ok with). the fr4 resonance inside the polycarb case for me is much more satisfying. however, I also made the mistake of soldering tangies onto the brass plate so it may have just been that specific combo that was the mistake. I currently have u4ts in my fr4 plate and it’s the perfect combination for me.

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That’s what I was thinking too regarding the case angle, particularly so since the wrist wrest is included. I’m planning to go for the aluminum case. It seems like KBDfans may offer a PC plate option, so I may pick that up along with the brass plate. I suppose I could always go with Hype’s FR4 plate for Maja when it’s in stock too. Either way, I’m glad v2 is hotswap so I can experiment a little easier with it.

Thanks for allowing me to pick your brain on this :slight_smile:

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Looks nice but man…I dont think I will wanna spend the time and effort to get used to a layout like this.

I feel the same way about mine. I really do need to grab myself an FR4 plate for that board. Maybe then I’d actually use it more often. For now, it collects dust :frowning:

It is tempting for the price, although I refuse to take a chance with KBDfans on an expensive board ever again. I’ve seen too many posts of people who received boards with unacceptable damage or flaws which KBDfans just responds to with money off your next purchase unless the board went through a garbage compactor before getting to you.


Switching back and forth from a regular layout and an Alice one surprisingly takes little to no adjustment. I was shocked myself, but I can easily rotate either in randomly and have no I’ll effects. Switching between split and full backspace is several orders of magnitude more difficult to do on a regular basis.

I’m really hoping that’s not an issue for this board… I took the plunge a few minutes before your comment. Which board(s) did you have problems with from kbdfans?

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Thankfully none myself & don’t take my comment wrong. KBDfans does not have a rep of sending a ton of cucked units out. It’s just if you’re unlucky enough to get one they really don’t do much to fix the situation. So I’m passing not because I think a lot of people will get messed up boards, but because I don’t want to be stuck with one if I happen to get a scuffed board. You should be fine, sorry didn’t mean to give you a scare!

Thanks for clarifying. That’s more in line with what my impression was, but took the gamble anyway. This board checked off a lot of boxes for me while still being under the “I can’t even pretend that’s in my budget” range.

I did take a full-page screenshot of the Maja v2 product page for my records in case I end up in the unlucky boat. The only thing in their disclaimer is that “Due to the production process, we cannot guarantee that the PVD Stainless steel weight bar, PVD Stainless steel badge, and PVD Brass weight bar will be 100% flawless.”

At this price range, I want the visible parts of the board to be pretty much flawless, but I’m ok if there are minor imperfections on the non-visible aspects when I’m typing. That said, hoping for the best on this so I don’t need to (politely and persistently) fight with the company to fix any issues.

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The oddest part of this is that there is no estimated ship date until after the group buy dates are over.

Cuz they need to know how many orders they have before they can make a estimate. :thinking:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group buy work like this. Have you?

Everyone from KBD including ePBT. But ye, it’s not something to prefer…

I was a little surprised by that as well, but I can almost appreciate the honesty of them saying “yeah, no idea when this ships.” I’m still waiting on my Vega65 that I ordered a full year ago, so taking a zen approach of Maja will arrive when it arrives.

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