[GB] KeySculptNerd HHKB HiPro Keycap(JIS Profile available as well)

Thanks for all the help during the IC period, finally get all the prototypes ready and start this GB.

There will going to be black/Snow White/beige/pink/pink white keycap set this time. JIS profile also have black/pink option to choose.

For more details you can check my instagram page

Price will be $150 in total, so $50 for advance payment and $100 collected before the final shipping. Payment currently only card(via Stripe) is supported in my website, but you can PM me to send PayPal invoice instead if needed. Leading time will be 1-2 months, so looking forward to get all the products done before the end of next month.d

Order link

P.S.: Just as like my IC Post referred, GB will be closed when the order have reach my limit or next Friday to ensure the quality matches.

Any questions or further color suggestions just let me know, thx for your support!