[IC] HHKB HiPro Pride Month Keycap set

Interest check form : forms.gle/fN3v8z2NmdhpSrcr5
Price expected : $150 includes shipping(depends on location)

Some notes about selling.

Production should be next month, leading time will be 1-2 months, and quantity will be limited depends on my time and ability( currently looking forward to something no more than 50 sets in general).

Side notes for other color options : I will collect the feasible colors to create directly from IC form except for the default color and send demo cap’s photo before the end of this month, when all the tests ares done I will send the purchase link to all users who have applied for purchase.


woah this is awesome! I’ll have to pass this time around but I’ll probably be picking up a set soon! Hopefully those wood resin ones will come back (a full set is tempting!)

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Yeah, definitely will be more resin/wood builds in the future(HiPro profile available as well). Currently doing some tests with possibilities on combining resin castings with wood caps.

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do you also have plans to create OEM versions? I am tentatively interested but at the price point it’s a bit tough to commit to a tall profile cap.

probably need to do some serious IC on this. OEM profile is not much of a problem, but the price will be quite similar in regards of efforts required. for most people probably they prefers changing the slides and go with MX route will be easier, much wider keycap selection range, but if anything more than 10 orders maybe is possible to create a small groupbuy with that as well.


I’d love to get a set in all black if possible.

yes, black will be available in this batch. Remember to fill the form before it is closed, I will probably close the form when it nearing my limits today or tomorrow.