[GB] Klippe S Mechanical Keyboard, by Mekanisk

Price: $310

Colors: Ultramarine, R1 Grey, Rose, E-white


  1. Klippe S mechanical keyboard top and bottom piece, CNCed in aluminium (Standard or Blocked Corners)
  2. Carbon fiber isolation layer for the plate mounting
  3. Aluminium Plate with either European, or American layout
  4. High quality, VIA compatible, printed circuit board designed by Wilba
  5. High quality packaging for storage, initial and future freight
  6. 4x stainless steel screws for the plate mounting, 6x stainless steel screws for the case mounting, rubber bumpons

Optional add-ons

  1. High density precision cut EVA foam infill for the case
  2. Brass plate upgrade
  3. PC plate upgrade
  4. E-White coating

Extra parts

  1. Extra aluminum plate
  2. Extra PC plate
  3. Extra brass plate
  4. Extra top standard
  5. Extra top blocked corners
  6. Extra PCB $60
  7. Extra CF isolation layer

Not included, but needed to complete the kit: PCB mounted stabilisers, switches, keycaps

Based on the Klippe T by Mekanisk, the Klippe S has some considereable upgrades. It is bottom mount, with an isolation layer. It is mounted in a way that makes the typing experience even and has a richer sound. There is now also an option for blocked corners.
Low starting height: 18mm (lowest on any Mekanisk board)
8 degree typing angle

Standard isolation in form of a carbon fiber layer for the mounting plate to rest on. This does help elimitinating the potential for pinging and metallic sounds from the keyboard. All in all, it is an affordable way to ensure that the keyboard sounds like you want it to, without costing you more than necessary.

Typing experience
Klippe S has a firm and even typing experience by default, this is due to the plate resting around the whole case. You can adjust flex by customizing the plate and isolation.

Klippe S has no weight, however it weighs around 1.3 kg.

How to buy
As many of you know, I do not start out a new design by selling a large amount of units, then make the kits more available later. Initially there was going to be a raffle, however there might be some kind of FCFS in addition, or maybe just that. We have a little more time to figure this one out.
First round will have approximately 50 units. The next rounds will have more, and might have a different pricing, design and options.

Might be available, depending on the success of the sample arriving within 14 days.

Pre-order November 2019, maybe december. Shipping early 2020 or earlier.


Klippe S at the Oslo, Norway mechanical keyboard meetup, ultramarine color and GMK solarized dark

Picture of the Klippe S prototype in “blocked corners configuration”

Pricing is not 100% finished, there will be some minor updates.


You’re telling me there’s a possibility of a Klippe with HHKB blockers coming out in my lifetime?

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It is tempting to go with the HHKB top on this one. That’s actually one of the few layouts I have never really tried.

Try Tsangan first - if you haven’t used Caps-as-Ctrl before, you’ll probably be experiencing some growing pains with your pinky slamming into the blockers.


LOL, yeah I could see me doing that! I actually have my Redscarf & ACR60 set up with a tsangan bottom row so I’m used to that. I’ll have to flip ctrl & caps on the ACR60 to get used that though.

Unless you really use caps a lot you can map both to control and put caps on a layer so then you can hit both until you’re used to it.

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That is a good ideal cause I never really use the caps lock anyways. Thanks for the trick!

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I like this a lot; simple and clean with a gasket!


Agreed, I might take a shot at getting one of these.

I showed this to my girlfriend in the Rose color and well… this board isn’t exactly going to be my purchase anymore. Damn you, the combination of pink and HHKB layout is a siren call.


This looks super clean. I’m probably going to join this GB. I love seeing the green Fjell in the photo. One of my all time favorites.

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Thanks for all the positive comments!


If you really want to blow your mind try LCTRL_T(KC_ESC) on your capslock. That free’s up 2 keys allowing you to put Grave where it belongs next to the 1.


Is the PCB specific to the Klippe S or would any USB-C 60% work in there?

Any 60% PCB should work.

There has been some updates, I will update the thread later.

It is now available on Mekanisk.co :slight_smile:


Some videos :slight_smile:

And a picture:

Still open for 9 more days!


oof I don’t need more 60% boards but I totally missed that there was a non-hhkb version of the Kilppe S :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Yes there is, that is the version I use! :wink:

I ended up going for the type X instead :upside_down_face: